Manage Multiple Sites & Grow Your Business With A Caravan Park or Holiday Park EPOS Solution

Are you looking for a holiday park EPOS solution that can not only manage multiple outlets such as bars, cafes and shops but also directly integrate with your accounts software? VisiSoft has been designed to make the running of your park simple, if you have multiple sites, you can manage everything in one place, from reporting to updating menus.

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Multi Site Integrated Solution EPOS System For Holiday Parks

We’re all about helping you run your parks as efficiently as possible

VisiSoft eliminates the legacy paper-based system that’s so typical of how caravan parks are run. Each site you own/run can be connected to a centralised management system. No more waiting around for paper work to be sent through, you can instantly access reports and dashboards and view information about every site in one system. You can give your visitors the best holiday, by relying on a system that’s robust, and works seamlessly. You don’t need to learn about tills, managing sites fees or computers – VisiSoft allows you to serve your customers better and spend more time focusing on the things that matter, whilst everything else is taken care of in the background.

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Fun Holidays For All The Family

Reward your holidaymaker’s loyalty with great incentives around you park, including members discounts.

  • Harvest customer data through ticket sales, report on visits and on-site spend per customer.
  • Add customers to loyalty schemes across your park to enrich their experience.
  • Manage & review data to send relevant marketing material to customers.
  • Offer group discounts, special offers and dedicated promotions to owners.
Burger and chips on table at holiday park restaurant

Complete & Simple Hospitality Management

Manage every bar, clubhouse, restaurant or takeaway on the same EPOS solution.

  • Set up custom menus and features for every outlet in your park in a few easy steps.
  • Report on each day and each till by operator, time or location.
  • Set up special offers such as meal deals, seasonal events and ticketing discounts.
  • Manage your way, whether it’s bar service table service or takeaway.
iPad with holiday park epos reports

Understand Stock Levels & Process Retail Sales

Get on top of your stock levels with our barcoding solution and simple menu structures.

  • Automate offers such as multi-buys and low-season discounts.
  • Accept member or park own discounts/vouchers to be used in any store across your sites.
  • Easily add and manage new product lines & seasonal gifts.
  • Keep stock supplies at the right level with intelligent reorder suggestions, including seasonal adjustments.
Man looking at epos reporting solution on compluter

Integrate Your Accounts for Accurate Reporting

Our easy integration with your accounts software means simple reporting across all sites.

  • Benefit from accounts links to Pegasus, Exchequer, Sage, Xero and more.
  • Feed sales information directly into your accounts from online or on-site sales.
  • Check stock, update prices or manage customer info all in one place.
  • Use barcoding to speed up the time at the till and your monthly stock takes.
customers being served by staff using epos system

Manage Seasonal Events & Online Bookings

Set up seasonal events & manage event bookings on the same system making it easy for staff to manage & organise.

  • Manage all events, sales, kiosks and outlets on one system.
  • Boost ticket sales for seasonal events, like Santa’s Grotto, with easy to use online booking systems.
  • Keep queues short with barcode ticket redemption.
  • Forecast stock levels based on previous events to make sure you don’t run out of anything in the restaurant or bar!
Man stocking gift shop using stock control on epos system

Train Seasonal Staff With Easy To Use Tills

Take the stress out of training seasonal or event staff with our simple to use tills and menu set up.

  • Set up your menus with images and simple navigation for ease of use and faster customer service.
  • Intelligent search functionality helps find products without barcodes.
  • Educate staff on how to use the till in ‘Training Mode’ – which comes as standard.
  • Report on operator performance, from till to logins to provide help or assistance where needed.
computer in background with small shopping cart and bags

More Flexibility With Kiosks & Stalls

Set up ice-cream stalls where & when you need them to keep customers happy & reduce queues in other outlets.

  • Make the most of sunny days with pop ice-cream stalls up around your park using tablet EPOS.
  • Take card or cash payments & report all sales directly into your accounts software.
  • Reduce queues at other hospitality outlets with more choice of refreshments for holidaymakers.
  • Monitor sales & report on the success of kiosks.
ice cream being scooped out of tup

Report Across Multiple Sites

Visibly see how each area of the site is performing then report on all sites or individual ones with our dashboards.

  • View performance dashboards online through any device at any time giving you access to the info you need.
  • Easily forecast and prepare based on historical performance and seasonal change.
  • Analyse from a single till to a whole season’s worth of takings.
  • Understand the value of you customers and members with reports such as average spend per visitor.

Holiday Park EPOS Success StoryBlue Anchor Leisure

Now boasting more parks than any of their competitors and with over 200 staff, Blue Anchor Leisure offers thousands of holiday makers and residents everything they need to get the most out of their investment or just enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches of Skegness.

In order to keep up and capitalise in a competitive market, the company were looking for new ways to understand and engage with their customers. VisiSoft provides them with extensive reporting and analytics meaning that customer data is easy to access, seasonal peaks are predicted and historical performance can be analysed simply.

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Now we’re using VisiSoft it’s obviously bought everything up to speed, we can go on at any given time to see what different outlets have processed and how much money they’ve taken. The analysis that we get with the reporting is obviously bang up to date. We can split all the different cost centres down.

Nick Chapman, Senior Finance Manager, Blue Anchor Leisure

Major UK Visitor Attractions Rely On VisiSoft To Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

We are the EPOS & Ticketing partner of choice for many visitor attractions across the UK. With reliable tills and intelligent reporting, no longer be held back by your EPOS system and gain the insight your attraction needs to grow.

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We Come Highly Recommended!

VisiSoft is the UK’s premier EPOS and ticketing solution for holiday & caravan parks, so much so, that we currently have a 99% customer satisfaction rating and 98% customer retention.

Our Support Is Second-To-None.

We offer a very simple service level agreement, which guarantees a response in 1 hour and we aim to fix any issues within 8 hours. Don’t worry though, any mission-critical issues are escalated and prioritised, as we know how important your till systems are to the running of your park.

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Park Benefits

VisiSoft can help you manage sites fees, outlets and on site attractions.

Visitor Benefits

Give your customers the best experience possible.

Park Benefits

VisiSoft can help you manage sites fees, outlets and on site attractions.

reporting solution

Secure repeat visitors through an amazing experience at every step

gift aid integration epos

Maximise customer spend through incentives, upgrades and upsells

visitor attraction epos

Onboard seasonal staff quickly with an intuitive system to learn

visitor attraction epos

Maximise revenues with accurate, real-time reporting tools

Visitor Benefits

Give your customers the best experience possible.

tablet epos

Guarantee fun for the whole family with online pre-booking for events

attraction ticketing software

Get the most out of your budget with tailored promotions

tablet epos

Enjoy personalised offers based on your loyalty

visitor attraction epos

Access upgrades and special events with customer offers

lyons holiday park epos systems case study

VisiSoft is the premium EPOS system for holiday & caravan parks in the UK

Link all your ticketing, tills, stock and business management tools together to get true visibility of your performance. Make more educated decisions faster, capitalise on opportunities through trend analysis, forecast demand and be overall more agile to act on those all-important decisions.

VisiSoft helps your park adapt, diversify and grow

It’s designed specifically to support your growth, and grow with you: add EPOS tills, self-service kiosks, stock management, online ticketing, websites and more as you require them. Add new sites as your estate opens up, connect digital marketing and loyalty schemes and get the performance data that you need – when you need it.

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