What Does 2021 Look Like For Visitor and Tourist Attractions?

Getting used to the new normal? Is 2021 the year for visitor attractions?

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a write off for many attractions across the UK. The only saving grace being a short lockdown reprieve in the summer and early autumn months. Outdoor attractions and gardens soared in popularity, contactless payments and ticketing increased, plus the new demand for even quicker service in retail and catering outlets due to capacity limitations soared. Everyone had to speed up and adapt to a new way of running their attraction.

Whilst the festive period for most attractions continues as ‘normal’, there are many who are still feeling the devastating affects of the COVID shutdown, and many still unable to open their doors to visitors. Facing an uncertain and unknown future has become the normal for most of us, but once the lockdown rules ease and life gets back to some new normal, what does the future look like for tourist attractions?


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We work with a variety of tourist attractions across different industries in the UK, back in early April many attractions changed from plans of growth and expansion to damage limitation and quick thinking.

The long term survival of the industry now depends on attractions thriving in 2021 and the future. We cannot say with certainty that next year will fix all problems, but attractions can hopefully look to 2021 as a way to ensure their continued survival and begin planning their future again.

We’ve all been locked up in our houses with kids, dogs, parents! I don’t think there are many who would argue that next year we will all have a new appreciation of getting out of the house. Days spent at attractions and with family is bound to soar in popularity as attractions can re-open to a more normal capacity. If summer 2020 is anything to go by the Great British population want to get out and spend their money on making memories with their family and friends. I think it’s fair to predict that once attractions get the go ahead to reopen as ‘normal’ they will be popular.

No one can accurately predict what will happen in the next 12 months but we can only hope that the tourist attraction industry will bounce back bigger than ever with a higher demand for exciting days out and time spent with family and friends. We would urge attractions to think about their current set up. Are you ready to open the doors to more visitors in 2021 than ever before? Before you go we’ve got a few top tips for making sure you can tackle the influx of visitors to your attraction in 2021.

  • Make sure you have reliable EPOS/Tills in place. There’s nothing worse than having systems crashes and failures due to demand on a legacy system.
  • Online ticketing is key. There was huge demand for online ticketing in 2020 by way of barcodes on phones or emails. Reducing the need for printed tickets on the door and long entrance queues.
  • Fast food, fast service. With the capacity limits brought into place earlier in the year, it helped us to identify a huge demand for even faster service in catering outlets. Maybe think about Self Service kiosks or Tablet EPOS to speed up ordering.

So while COVID may have halted plans for 2020, we hope that 2021 will see the tourism industry and tourist attractions bounce back better than ever! If you’re interested in how VisiSoft can help tackle your EPOS and Ticketing then please contact us through the form below.

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