3 Reasons Why You Should Measure Visitor Behaviour

The attractions industry is constantly changing as innovative technologies emerge and customer demands continue to grow. As an operator, you may be looking at wider industry trends and your competitors in order to plan for the season ahead, but what if the most valuable information was right on your doorstep?

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From measuring ticket sales to determining your peak hours, visitor behaviour data can play a huge part in improving your operations for years to come. Here’s why.

Support your marketing

One size doesn’t fit all in marketing. By understanding the data behind the scenes, you can begin to tailor your approach to ensure the appropriate messages are being delivered to the right audiences. For example, when behaviour data shows your summer family open day is picking up new and unique visitors, you can use an automated email platform to send these people details of your membership schemes or how they can get discounts on admission next time. You may also want to use visitor behaviour data to identify historically quiet admission dates and, as a result, run promotions and offers across your website, email marketing, social media and paid search campaigns to boost ticket sales.

Enhance visitor experience

Giving visitors a better experience is key to increasing admissions and enhancing the reputation of your attraction. You need to determine your audiences and gain in-depth insights into each so that their characteristics, visiting patterns, interests and motivations are clear. These behavioural insights will help you identify issues with the existing experience. For example, you could find that a growing number of ticket sales don’t complete on your website and that the digital purchasing journey needs to be reviewed. Or maybe visitors are reluctant to eat at your food outlets which could indicate a review of your menu is due.

Increase customer spend

Aside from ticket sales, your attraction and its various outlets can be a huge revenue generator so it’s important you maximise your sales to their full potential. Your EPOS and stock management systems will tell a tale of historic transactions, whether that be in retail shops, restaurants or simple photo souvenir stands. To boost customer spend, you could implement exclusive discounts for loyal customers and welcome offers for new visitors. You can also look at how your stores are laid out; consider focusing slow-moving stock closer to the entrance or setting up eye-catching promotions to attract passing shoppers.

With VisiSoft, measuring your visitor behaviour is quick and easy to do! Our complete and powerful solution brings your ticketing, stock management, EPOS and accounts all in one place, linking seamlessly with existing systems to provide you with instant real-time reports. Get in touch to speak to one of our expert team and find out how our tailored solutions could benefit you.

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