online ticketing pre visit emailsonline ticketing pre visit emails

Enhance Visitor Attraction Experiences with Pre-Visit Emails

As a visitor attraction operator, you know that the guest experience begins the moment visitors purchase their tickets. To truly maximize this opportunity and build stronger connections with your audience, consider the power of pre-visit emails and promotions.

1. Inform and Upsell with Pre-Visit Reminders

  • Pre-visit reminder emails are your canvas for creating an unforgettable day for your guests. Use this opportunity to provide answers to common pre-visit questions and to upsell additional experiences or products.
  • Visitors may be hesitant to spend more at the checkout stage, but as they prepare for their visit, their excitement grows. Seize this moment to send them enticing promotions.

2. Personalize and Go Beyond the Norm

  • Beyond answering FAQs, strive to personalize the experience even before visitors arrive. For instance, if they’ve booked a “Meet the Animals” experience, send them fun facts about the animals, printable coloring sheets, and stoke their excitement for the day.
  • Capitalize on opportunities like pre-ordering animal feed, creating convenience for visitors and boosting your revenue.

3. VIP Experiences and Retail Integration

  • For VIP experiences, introduce visitors to your retail offerings. If they’re booked for a “Meet the Meerkats,” entice them with links to meerkat-themed products in your online store, which they can pre-order or collect on-site.

4. Promote Add-On Events

  • If you’re hosting add-on events that aren’t included in the entry price, ensure visitors are well-informed. Send them emails explaining the event’s significance and why pre-booking is essential due to high demand. Creating a sense of urgency can encourage them to secure their spot, enhancing their overall experience.

By focusing on encouraging visitors to buy in before their visit, you not only boost revenue but also build loyalty and footfall. To make the most of these strategies, consider implementing an advanced online ticketing system. Our system is designed to streamline ticket sales, manage promotions, and deliver seamless pre-visit communication. With our solution, you’ll have the tools you need to create memorable experiences and drive visitor engagement.

Invest in our online ticketing system to take your visitor attraction to the next level and ensure every guest enjoys a personalized and unforgettable visit. Learn more about how we can empower your attraction’s success by exploring our online ticketing solution.

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