How To Choose The Right EPOS System For Your Tourist Attraction

One Size Does Not Fit All

The first thing to realise about an EPOS system is that it can have as much or as little functionality as your visitor attraction needs. If you think that you need to invest great sums to obtain an all-singing, all-dancing version, then it is time to reconsider. Depending on your specific requirements, you may not need to go for a fully-fledged version. In order to work out what EPOS system might suit how you run your attraction, seek advice. Specialists in the field should be able to work out which size of system will be of most benefit to you. A little time spent researching the various EPOS systems on the market will pay off in the long run.

In order to avoid the pitfalls and to obtain a more tailored solution, it is important to think about what your attractions requirements actually are. If you consider that you simply need an EPOS system because that is what your competitors are offering, then it may be time to do a more specific business needs study.

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One Size Does Not Fit All, continued…

By being clear about the sort of requirements your business has, it is much easier for suppliers to bespoke their EPOS system to match them. After all, most business functions require tailored solutions these days and not a simple ‘me too’ application. Think about how you use functionality such as Gift Aid, with quicker processing and more accurate data capture this could increase your attractions revenue streams significantly.

Once you have conducted the research necessary to make an informed decision about what functions you want, it is time to start looking at the various EPOS systems that can offer these. Ask yourself a few questions when shopping around. Firstly, it can be helpful to ask yourself how adjustable your favoured EPOS system might be down the line, if your business needs change or you plan to expand your attraction. Secondly, it can be good to ask your preferred supplier to conduct a calculation that gives you a picture of the return you can expect on your investment. If they cannot, then move on to another supplier.

Defining Your Business Requirements

Working out what you need from an EPOS system is essential. In addition, you might like to form a wish list of what else it might be able to do for you. Sometimes you may be surprised at the degree of integration with your other business functions an EPOS system can offer. They are not just there to process transactions, although this is a primary reason for investing in one. Nevertheless, defining your business requirements is not always so simple.

What should you be looking for?
Initially, it is a good idea to have a clearly defined statement of your normal business operations. This might be a deciding which areas of your attraction require EPOS functionality. Many visitor or tourist attractions cross over into more than one outlet such as retail and hospitality, which means visitor interactions can differ slightly. For example, you may require an EPOS system that can process ticketing and admissions, but also have that same EPOS system linked to outlets in retail or catering. The types of transactions can be handled across all EPOS systems meaning when you have events and may need additional tills in certain areas, they can simply be picked up, moved and plugged back in to perform the function you require. Size of transactions should also be considered, many tourist attractions require bulk bookings to be made by phone or via an ecommerce platform, but also require smaller transactions to be made on site, perhaps from a café or a shop.

Furthermore, many businesses need to be able accurately describe themselves in terms of their point of sales functions. Multi-discipline sites are a typical example of when this is not necessarily straightforward. Multiple points of sale – even if they are under differing brands – can all be run from a single, well installed, EPOS system. If you need to run transactions from a bar, a box office, a ticket office and a retail space or two, then there is an EPOS system that will do it, but it will mean you need to look for a specific solution that can handle all of these functions. Lastly, it is important to think about mobility. Not all EPOS systems allow for transactions to be made away from base units, something that is now expected in most restaurant or service-led environments.

Get A Demonstration

With all of your specialist functions, basic requirements and wish list now fully worked out, it is highly desirable to see an EPOS system in place which is performing in the way you would like yours to. This may mean observing one in operation within a similar attraction. However, it is preferable to have a solution provider offer you an industry specific demonstration using data that is relevant to your sector. Ask your proposed solution provider to use your own data, if possible, which is an even better way of assessing how the system will ultimately function.

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