Huge Success For Burghley House’s Opening Weekend, With Help From VisiSoft

online ticketing system online ticketing system

Burghley House enjoy great success at their estate’s busy Easter opening weekend

with support from their brand new EPOS and ticketing system, VisiSoft.

Made up of Burghley House, farmland, woodland, and a significant property portfolio, the Estate covers an array of residential, agricultural and commercial properties including hotels, pubs and offices with additional quarries, gardens and allotments as well as the rights to sporting activities.

The Burghley House team went live with their new VisiSoft system this year, and roped in some additional help for their busy high-footfall events in the form of VisiScan, VisiSoft’s latest technology – a handheld scanning device which can be deployed at any location across an attraction to help bust queues and get accurate ticket redemptions.

With so many people in attendance to Burghley House’s opening weekend, queue-busting was essential to ensure a seamless entrance and happy customers. With 1,700 attendees on their final day of the weekend alone, and over 50% of the tickets pre-booked tickets, getting people into the event as efficiently as possible was key for a smooth sailing event.

Michael Deegan, Burghley House’s IT Manager, commented,

“VisiScan made a big difference to the queues and customer experience. It was so easy to use, literally scan and the next one is ready to go instantly.”


online ticketing system

With other key calendar dates coming up with the same expected high footfall, the team will be looking to deploy VisiScan once more, helping to reduce waiting times and streamline the entry process for their teams.

Michael said, “We’ll certainly be using VisiScan for all future events. We may find ourselves having to hire some more!”

You can find out more about VisiScan here: VisiScan Barcode Ticket Redemptions

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