Reopening Your Tourist Attraction After COVID-19

Advice On Reopening

With many tourist attractions slowly starting to look at how they can reopen following weeks of lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we thought we’d share our advice for reopening.

The first thing to say is welcome back. After lots of uncertainty in recent months we are pleased to see that our customers are slowly starting to review their opening plans, if not have already started to reopen areas of their attractions. That means for the first time in weeks staff are returning to work and tills are being switched back on. This short guide should help with some common issues and queries that you may face when reopening.


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Power On:

One of the most frequently asked questions to our support team comes when a till or other POS device has been disconnected or been left in a power on ‘snooze’ mode for an extended period of time.

With an attraction/site closed for an unknown amount of time, many businesses unplugged their electronic devices such as tills, card machines and receipt printers etc. Plugging devices back in and powering them up may take a little longer as they initialise and reboot, but everything should be back up and running fairly quickly.

If your till and other devices have remained plugged in and are acting a little sluggish, try a reboot. Rebooting the system should sort out any unusual performance issues. If hardware has been sat idle there is a chance they’ve gone into a ‘snooze’ mode, as simple as it sounds try powering it off and on again, this should do the trick.


Keep Up To Date:

Check the date and time! If a device has no power for an extended period of time whether it has been plugged in (in a sleep mode) or unplugged whilst you’ve been away there is a chance the date and time may have reset. To make sure your transactions are reports are accurate when your back up and running this is a key element to double check!


Seasonal Changes:

Before lockdown many attractions and businesses were building up to the Easter break and re-opening for the spring/summer months. That means some of the merchandise in your retail outlets may need updating and seasonal menus in restaurants and cafe’s may be out of date. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time before reopening to change to relevant stock and update your tills.

Adding or removing options from a menu is a quick job, but if left until last minute could spell out chaos when the visitors return. Allow yourself at least 48 hours to update stock/tills before you reopen to avoid any confusion. Remember, if you’re changing menu’s on the till, you need to change the visible menus for your customers too.


It’s A Team Effort:

Bringing your team back in after a long period away from using the tills and other EPOS devices may require a refresh in their training. Remember that the menu options may look different post- COVID 19 and there may be some different service options, for example contactless takeaways or table service only.

Every attraction will open with new rules and guidance in place, encourage your team to refresh their memory and skills before opening. Make sure that every operator has logged in, tried their pin and tested the system before you welcome visitors back, to keep the queues down. Don’t forget if you have new starters you’ll need to create new operator profiles for them.


Adapting To The New Normal:

Not only will your staff need to adapt to the new normal, but so will your visitors. Help make their experience an enjoyable one and keep them coming back by using the VisiSoft features available. Try online ticketing and paperless admissions at your entrances, using QR Code technology. Maybe think about how you will operate and reduce queueing at takeaway cafe’s or kiosks, with smaller menu options or contactless order collections.

Don’t forget to set up your reports and dashboards again. If you’ve been away for a while it’s possible they may no longer be accurate in what data you wish to capture. If you’re after a new report to capture post COVID-19 footfall or want to figure out what takeaway kiosk performs best, try setting up a new report to monitor the activity. Plus, if you ever get stuck our award-winning support team are only a phone call away.

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To Sum It Up:

  • Make sure you turn all of your tills and POS on and off before opening. Leave plenty of time for the system to reboot and contact your support provider if you encounter any issues. (They might be quite busy so leave enough time before opening.)
  • Check the date and time is correct on the rebooted system to avoid any confusion when you re-open.
  • Don’t forget to update your stock both in retail and food outlets and on your till. Remove any out of date promotions like Easter or spring.
  • Provide your team with up-to-date training on the tills as they may have new options or function slightly differently post-COVID 19.
  • Think about how your EPOS, Ticketing and reporting system can help you bounce back and welcome visitors on site again. If you want to hear more about how VisiSoft can help your attraction re-open, from contactless ticket sales and timed ticket passes, or even how Visi can help your retail and food outlets can become takeaways, talk to our team today.

So good luck with your re-opening and if you have any other questions please call us, we’d love to hear from you, 0800 0433 106 or email

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