Start Saving Money and Time Through EPOS Accounts Integration

Why Integrate?

Many visitor or tourist attraction relies on reporting through EPOS integrations such as accounting software and ticketing solutions.

If you’re not integrating your EPOS solution with your accounts package, have you asked yourself how much time, money and stress you might save yourself by automating the process?

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This is VisiSoft’s complete guide to unlocking the benefits of adopting an integrated EPOS solution in your attraction.

At the end of the day, all business information and transactions across your park or site must reach your finance system. If your finance system data is incomplete, inaccurate or out of date then you face major business risk.

Many businesses continue to struggle entering information from their EPOS system into the back-office accounting packages. On a daily, weekly or even monthly basis finance teams will slowly enter retail, admissions, Gift Aid processing or hospitality transactions from their isolated EPOS system. At best, a data import routinely posts headline financial figures from one system to the other. This lack of integration is costing your business in time, resources and most painfully, it’s costing your visitors.

Here are the top 3 reasons to start integrating your EPOS solution with your accounts package:

1 – Save Time
Removing the manual transfer of data from a process will increase its efficiency by as much as 87.5%.
For example, at the end of a busy day of admissions your operators sign off and out for the transactions that day. If you were using a traditional EPOS system without integration a manager or supervisors would have to individually cash up each till at the end of the day. As they cash up each till, the total takings for that day can be calculated and inputted into a traditional accounts spreadsheet where all of your takings can be monitored. To work out taking for a day, week, month or quarter, there is a manual process of working out and adding up all of your takings across different dates and times. A very time consuming task for whoever may be undertaking this.

With an integrated system, your operators ticket sales are automatically calculated throughout the day and fed bcak into a dashboard so you can see at any point of the day how many people are in your attraction and how much ticket sales revenue has been brought in that day. With this information being automatically sent to your accounts package, management can gain a traceable and trustworthy source of data live from the system.

It’s easy to see how efficiency of 87.5% can be easily achieved through true integration. You could be facing this inefficiency for every single transaction in your business.

2 – Eliminate Errors
Let’s keep with the example above. In the non-integrated system the risk of error is huge:
• Did your operators charge the right ticket price
• Did the manager or supervisor cash up correctly?
• Did they enter every transaction correctly into the finance system in a timely manner?
The average error rate in a manual process is 1%. That’s 1 in 100 cashing ups, 1 in 100 invoice postings that could be incorrect. Are you comfortable with that rate of error across every manual process in your business?
If not, the only viable option is to automate and integrate, eliminating the risk of manual error once and for all.

3 – Delight Your Customers
An integrated system gives your employees the tools and information to delight your customers every visit.
From instant ticket redemption from online sales at the admissions desk to live visibility of stock levels in other retail outlets if one store runs out, employees can react to customer requests quickly and effectively at all times.
Customers can then be served quickly with no manual calculation of pricing or discounts providing a seamless checkout experience even during busy periods.

The power of integration can be demonstrated through VisiSoft. We are a market leading EPOS system built for visitor attractions that integrates with all major finance systems including Sage 200, Sage 50, Pegasus Opera II, Pegasus Opera 3, Exchequer and Access. Request your free demonstration of our EPOS solution and make the first step to integrating your accounts software.


Lyons Holiday Park – Case Study

See how Lyons Holiday Park in North Wales have managed to grow their holiday park to 13 multi-sites and automate more processes in accounts team without the need for additional staff.

Lyons currently have around 32 tills across their multiple locations, with plans for growth they’re ready to follow this out to more locations and increase the number of tills to around 42 over the coming months.

View Case Study

We haven’t actually had to increase our finance team, I’ve been able to support this growth in the business through automating more of the processes, so it’s hats off to VisiSoft and Sage 200.


Norman Mushet, Company Accountant

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