The Best Online Ticketing System For Visitor Attractions in 2022

If you’ve landed on this blog you’re probably wondering what the best online ticketing system is for visitor attractions or you want to know why VisiSoft is the best ticketing platform for attractions. Well either way you’re in the right place. In the short blog we’re going to explain why VisiSoft has expanded from being an EPOS solution to an integrated EPOS and Ticketing solution, and why so many visitor attractions in the UK are adopting the use of our software.

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First off, lets explain who we are for anyone reading who doesn’t know us yet!

We’re VisiSoft – an online ticketing and EPOS solution for visitor attractions across the UK. Our integrated platform means that an entire attraction’s hospitality, retail, ticketing, stock, reporting and accounts software can all be managed in one place! Developed over 15 years, VisiSoft is invested in developing and expanding our technology to make sure it’s the best in the business.

So why is VisiSoft the best online ticketing system for visitor attractions? Well, we have spent time getting to know our EPOS customers and understanding what is important to them. Functionality including membership management online was important, plus a nice, clear and simple to use platform that made online bookings and payments easy to do. There’s loads of reasons VisiSoft is the best platform for online ticketing, so we’ve listed a few of them below:

  • The customer journey begins online and so should their great customer experience. VisiSoft’s online platform has been built based on the world’s biggest Ecommerce site, Shopify. That means we can help visitors navigate through your options for booking quickly and easily, reducing the amount of clicks and screen needed to complete the transaction and decreasing the chance of basket abandonment.
  • With online ticketing and EPOS linked, your team can sell tickets at the entrance of your attraction or redeem online tickets quickly and efficiently. In a matter of seconds, any ticket type can be set up in your admin area and published for sale both online and onsite. These tickets can be printed or redeemed from visitors’ phones to help keep queues moving (and help your carbon footprint by reducing the need to print everything out).
  • Online membership management has been a big hit with VisiSoft’s ticketing customers. The online platform means that every member or season pass holder for your attraction can easily login online and book their events and visits. Better yet, if they change their mind or can no longer attend on a certain day their tickets can be swapped to a new date or time online. That frees up your team to keep providing an exceptional day out for visitors who are onsite. If a member wants to book themselves in and purchase tickets for additional visitors, this can all be done in the same transaction to keep things simple.
  • Event tickets can also be sold online and onsite and the set up literally takes minutes to do in our admin area. You can set up one off or recurring events, allow members and non-members to book time slots and your management team can get access to real-time information and ticket availability through our dashboards or one any till on your site. This not only helps with reporting on the success of events, but can help your team push promotions out for events with lower sign ups.
  • Understand your members and visitors like never before! You can use a visitors pass or ticket to track their spend across your attraction. As our EPOS and ticketing is integrated, you can run promotions to encourage spend around your attraction and report on what is popular. With a full list of membership details collated from online ticket sales and memberships you can also communicate before, during and after their visit offering promotions and upgrades.
  • Not every attraction looks the same or works the same, that’s why you can customise your online ticketing platform to match your brand. With our easy to use admin area you can set up and modify your platform to compliment your brand. Add custom colours, images and text to keep it on brand. Not only this but you can set up and sell tickets in a way that works for you by customising categories or options to show events or promotions you want to push to visitors. Looking for something more bespoke? We can do that too, if that’s what you need!
  • Believe in the power of reporting! We’ve worked with visitor attractions long enough to know that everyone requires different reports. With our easy to use online dashboards you can even access the reports from anywhere, at anytime. Organise and set up your reports into categories, departments or types. That way your can track everything from membership sign up an renewals to the success of promotions and upsells.

We’ve saved the best ‘til last! You don’t pay commission! Yep that’s right with VisiSoft’s ticketing solution we don’t charge a commission per ticket sold. Instead we charge a flat fee based on your average annual footfall to encourage you to increase your visitor numbers.

So that’s just some of the reasons we believe we’re the best online ticketing system out there for visitor attractions. If you’d like to find out more about how VisiSoft could help your visitor attraction then get in touch with us using the form at the top of this page.

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