Visitor Attractions Look Out For Overbooking!

What is overbooking?

Over the last few weeks visitor attractions have begun to re-open their doors, with zoos, safari parks and outdoor gardens being among the first to re-open following the UK wide lockdown.

As thousands more visitor and tourist attractions prepare to open up on the 4th July we’ve been looking at how its been for those who have already re-opened and what those opening this weekend should be looking out for.


visitor attraction epos

Like many attractions some of our customers have been welcoming back members with online booking slots to try and control daily visitor numbers and comply with new regulations. We’ve been hearing some mixed feedback on how these online booking slots have been working out, so thought we’d share it with everyone.

As many visitor attractions have large numbers of annual pass holders, they have been the first to be welcomed in since re-opening. The process for many parks and gardens has been for members to book what day of the week and what time they would like to visit. They then turn up, enjoy a family day out and the park can begin increasing their much needed revenue through the likes of takeaway cafes and kiosks. It all sounds simple enough, however we’ve found that visitors have been booking up slots and not necessarily turning up on the day. As many annual pass holders can log in and simply book their slot with no need to pay, if they choose not to turn up that day i.e. because of bad weather, they face no real consequences. The park on the other hand have only limited daily slots, so a group not turning up can have a huge impact on any attraction that are so heavily relying visitor spend during their trip.

Is there an answer?

Yes, VisiSoft’s ticketing solution allows you to take a deposit at the time of booking. That would mean an annual pass holder could reserve their family day out for a small reservation fee of £10 and upon arrival at the park have this refunded. With VisiSoft ticketing and admissions you can set up any amount as a reservation deposit and easily refund that back to your visitor upon admission to the attraction. We’ve made this as simple as possible so that you and your visitors can focus on having a great day out. This not only helps keep from unwanted slots filling up for a ‘just in case we go’ visit, but also can help incentivise your visitors to turn up on their allotted day.

Some other functionality VisiSoft provides to help deal with re-opening includes, easily re-designing your menu options to takeaway instead of restaurant, QR Code scanning rather than printing with paper tickets, connecting your giftshop to your website for visitors to purchase their souvenirs online, maximum capacity booking for events or rides, plus loads more.

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