VisiSoft Reporting Dashboards For Holiday, Caravan & Lodge Parks

Why Use Reporting Dashboards At Your Park?

Dashboards is an exclusive feature of VisiSoft giving you real-time, on-demand business intelligence on any Internet enabled device.

By accessing instant business information you can manage your attraction more efficiently by making decisions based on real-time data. Some of the reports included within our VisiSoft reporting dashboards are below. Please remember if your attraction requires a more specific report bespoke to your needs, VisiSoft can help.

management reporting epos

Sales Summary:

The sales summary focuses on EPOS revenue analysis at different intervals and against different periods. All the graphs come with a set of filters meaning different views can be quickly and easily created by the user.

  • Sites, Parks & Branches – At a glance see how all your locations are performing. Easily identify areas of growth and analyse under-performing sites.
  • Stock Items – Clearly see what your best performing stock items are today, from which outlet and check remaining inventory.
  • Users – See who your best sales staff are, and how they perform each day with an automated report. Use this data to allocate resource more efficiently.
  • Tills & Terminals – Track performance across all of your POS units: tills, tablets or terminals to boost agility in increasing the average customer spend.

Product Sales:

Product Sales focuses on product revenue to understand exactly which products are driving your performance.

  • Best Sellers – Visually reflect on your top 10 best selling products enabling you to forecast better for the coming years.
  • Product Performance – Analyse the performance of up to 5 products side-by-side to identify trends and affirm your purchasing decisions.

Other Dashboards:

The final sets of dashboards lets you deeper analyse transactions, customers and footfall giving you quick visual feedback on location-specific indicators.

  • Transactions – The transaction dashboard focuses on transaction volume and provides a detailed transaction report.
    ○ Volume by till or user for a specified date range to identify the busiest tills/employees in the store.
    ○ Report on reference, till, date, branch, value etc.
  • Customers – The Customer Dashboard builds a unique profile of transactions, average spend and collects valuable customer data for remarketing:
    ○ Customer addresses and contact details
    ○ Customer account balance if sold on credit
    ○ Review recent transactions, dates and frequency.
  • Admissions – See daily footfall levels, compare against other periods and identify the busiest times of the day. Allocate staff resource correctly and forecast for seasonal change more effectively.

For a free demonstration of how VisiSoft reporting dashboards work, please contact one of our team, at a time suitable to you, they will arrange a demo of any aspect of VisiSoft you wish to see.

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