What Are The Advantages Of EPOS?

An EPOS system (also known as an Electronic Point Of Sale) is an integrated till solution that helps many attractions manage their business operations better by reporting, analysing and understanding their captured data.

Why Are They Important?

A good EPOS system should save your team time and money by automating otherwise manual processes and providing invaluable insight into your business. The main advantage of an EPOS System is how it can help a business grow based on the information and data it collates.

There are so many advantages to having an EPOS solution to manage your visitor attraction. Very rarely will you see a visitor attraction not using an integrated EPOS solution and here is why.


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Insight and Reporting

By far and without a doubt the level of data that an EPOS system can report on means you can see, in real time, how your attraction is performing yearly, monthly, daily even hourly. You can report on operators, outlets, individual tills and more giving you the power to make important insight driven decisions about your attraction. For example, you can spots trends and act on them. Trends could be anything from peak times of the day to best selling items in your gift shop. By understanding your data you can begin to understand your visitors better and act on it with increased stock for popular items and deals or till prompts for less bought items.

Save Yourself Some Time

Time is precious and something that most visitor attraction owners or managers don’t have much of. Saving time by automating manual processes is a major advantage of EPOS. It allows many mundane and every business tasks to run along in the background without the need for time and attention from your team. EPOS features such as integrated accounts makes the cashing up process simple and easy, other processes like stock ordering can also be set up to run automatically. With a simple menu structure and easy to navigate till screens, your team can save time both in training to use the tills and serve customers quicker.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Data, reporting and dashboards are all irrelevant to the growth of your attraction if you don’t have accurate information. EPOS provides the advantage of accuracy in your data, meaning you can make important decisions about your attraction safe in the knowledge that the information in front of you is correct. Integrating your EPOS solution into your accounting solution is a great way to ensure that finical reporting leaves no room for human error. You can be assured that stock levels, inventory tracking and gross sales are all reported to key decision makers accurately, allowing them to make informed business decisions.

Improve Customer Service

Possibly the most important advantage of an EPOS system at our attraction is that you can improve customer service and manage customer loyalty all in one place. Many visitor attractions put customer service at the heart of their business, wanting customers to have a great day out and experience at their attraction. Using reliable tills from a reliable provider is a great place to start as it reduces the worry of system failures and lost sales during any downtime. Your EPOS solution can also help you speed up service where you need it to and cut down queues at the entrance with online ticketing and barcode redemption. Speed up service and increase customer satisfaction in your catering outlets with tablet EPOS to take orders at busy times or self service kiosks to keep queues moving and visitors happy. Reward visitor loyalty with till promotions and annual pass savings that can be claimed across your park or attraction.

There are many advantages of EPOS, especially in visitor and tourist attractions. Having an integrated solution that allows you to manage ticketing and admissions, retail outlet and stock levels, catering outlets and food reordering, kiosks, customer loyalty and reporting all integrated into your accounts software saves time, money and improves your visitor experience. If you’re interested in how your attraction can start benefitting from EPOS then talk to us today and book a free EPOS demo below.

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