What Does The New ‘Rule of 6’ Mean For Visitor Attractions?

The UK government announced a new rule for all social groups in England, they have called it the rule of 6. But, what does this mean for social gatherings outside of households in parks, attractions and other tourist locations?

Due to a rise in Coronavirus cases the government in England want to simplify their advice on social gatherings. Whilst for the last few weeks and months gatherings upwards of 30 people or more than 2 different households were banned, this new rule will replace those and is set to be in place from Monday 14th September.

What does this mean for visitor attractions?

The rule of 6 is to be set out in law, meaning anyone meeting up in larger groups will effectively be breaking the law and open themselves up to fines starting from £100. As an attraction you want to ensure that your park complies with the new law and look after visitors making sure they do not mix with others outside of their group.


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Our Advice

We suggest altering your ticket booking system to ensure that no more than 6 tickets can be booked at a time, children are included within the 6. That would mean the online ticketing and booking systems would work the same as over the last few weeks only when choosing a date and time, the visitor can only select up to 6 ticket types. You may want to add a polite courtesy reminder that no more than 6 can be purchased in a group and you must remain within your group and not socialise with others whilst at the attraction. This will help avoid groups of more than 6 turning up at your entrance on the day.

The Visitor Economy Guidelines have also been updated and they strongly recommend that you should display signage across your attraction reminding visitors to only interact with their group.

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There are some exceptions to the rule for larger households, schools, childcare etc. We recommend that you seek further guidance if you are unsure of who you can allow into your attraction in larger numbers.

To sum it up:

  • Groups of no more than 6 includes children
  • 6 can be from different households
  • Each group of 6 must not interact even if they know each other
  • Set up limits and reminders on your online ticketing to avoid larger groups turning up
  • Display signage around your attraction to remind visitors to stick to their group
  • This currently only applies to attractions in England.

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