What Is Visitor Attraction Software? How Do You Use It?

You may have heard the term visitor attraction software, but what does that mean?

Visitor attraction software allows you to manage every aspect of your visitor attraction or tourist attraction from one system. Whether it be cafes and restaurant or gift shop and stock takes. Why would you want to have separate systems when you can have everything you need in one central solution.

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Why Visitor Attraction Software?

After working in the visitor attraction industry selling EPOS systems and integrated ticketing solutions, VisiSoft saw there was a demand in the market for busy attractions to be able to manage all of their separate outlets in one place. More importantly we found that it was hugely important to many attractions that all of their systems were integrated with accounts software to ensure accurate reporting. VisiSoft brings together all of the EPOS across your park and combines it with all of your customer data, park information, operator transactions etc in to reporting dashboards. Meaning at the end of each day, week, month or quarter you have instant access to the reports and information you need.


Monitor Every Touchpoint.

A customer touchpoint is a way in which a customer interacts with your attraction. Whether that be through an online booking for an event, visiting a kiosk to buy and ice-cream or a sit-down meal in one of your restaurants. Customer touchpoints are a way that you and your attraction interact with that visitor. Any interaction with a visitor can usually be monitored through EPOS or Ticketing solution. If you have control over the quality of that interaction you’re more likely to improve on customer experience and make a difference to that customers day. For example, if you make the ticket buying process as simple as possible online then you can make a huge positive impact on the customer before they even arrive at your attraction. Once they arrive at your visitor attraction, quick redemption by barcode or email makes their admissions experience swift and they can get on with their day without having to wait in large queues to enter. Touchpoints are hugely important and your operators can make a difference to someone’s whole trip by interacting with them in the right way. VisiSoft helps by making things simple and easy to use, you can even add prompts to EPOS screens reminding operators to ask how someone’s day is or offering them meal bundles to help make saving.


Reward Customer Loyalty.

Visitor attraction software means not only do you have a reliable and functioning ticketing and till system, but you can reward season or annual pass holders with benefits that are relative to them. Membership discounts or incentives is a great way to do this. If your loyalty system allows you to track what actions your customer takes or what they buy in the café you can increase customer loyalty with tailormade rewards. For example, first you have to capture the data, by scanning the annual pass or membership when visitors enter your attraction you can understand over the course of a year, two years or longer what the visit pattern of that member is. They may only visit during school holidays with their family, so you could target some incentives to get them in to your attraction off peak season by reducing the price of event just for them. Others offer loyalty rewards by way of birthday treats such as a free coffee on your birthday ( valid for 1 month) etc. By tracking and understanding how visitors attends your attraction you can not only understand individual customer buying habits but you can look at a bigger picture and begin to profile your customers for targeted marketing.


In short visitor attraction software helps you to manage your attraction by ensuring you maintain the highest levels of customer service across all outlets whether its admissions or retail outlets. Grow your attraction by understanding customer habits and behaviours. Plus, with access to on demand reporting across your site form any device whether its EPOS tills or tablet, you can make decisions in real time based on the information at your fingertips.

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