Ticketing system for farm parks

Why Farm Parks and Farm Attractions Should Use Online Ticketing

Whilst many visitor attractions across the UK have moved towards online ticketing systems, many still resist as they are unsure of the expenditure versus impact it will have on their visitors.

Well, we’re here to tell you why it’s so important that your farm park moves to an online ticketing system and how you would go about doing it. If it all sounds good, we’d welcome you to book a free demo of the system and have the chance to ask any additional questions that you might have.

It’s probably best to start by answering the question, what is farm attraction online ticketing software?

Online ticketing software, or systems, are a tool in which your attraction can manage visitor bookings in advance. Whether you are wanting to sell family passes for the year or welcome tourists in the area, online ticketing means you can plan better by planning ahead based on bookings. Ticketing software can also allow you to plan events and sell tickets for those events ahead of time, that way your management team can assign the relevant resources needed for each event, rather than guessing and seeing who turns up on the door.

Okay so, how does it work?

Farm attraction ticketing systems work by allowing visitors to purchase their annual passes, season passes or admission tickets online through a link on your website. Existing members can log in and book their time/date slots free of charge through the membership portal and non-members can also purchase admission tickets for a set date/time as a one off. You can sell your online tickets just the same as you would onsite, only online you can capture your data ahead of time. Knowing what your capacity for that day is likely to be can help you organise staff levels and resources. Tickets bought online can then be redeemed by barcode at your EPOS located at the entrance of your park, this process speeds up admissions and keeps visitor moving.

How can it help my farm park?

Simple to use system – Having a simple, easy to use system allows your team to focus on visitors rather than spending hours learning how to set up, manage and use EPOS systems to sell tickets at your entrance. Ticket types an be set up in the admin area usually in a matter of minutes saving your team time.
Event set up and management – Recurring events or seasonal show tickets can be set up quickly and easily, your team would define the ticket cost, details and dates these can be pushed live straight away and even set up to occur on the same dates the following month or year. Plus, with real-time visibility you can see what’s performing well and even add tickets to maximise revenue.
Members and annual pass holders – Take the stress away from your team and allow visitors control over their own membership. Online ticketing can handle membership renewals, capture key marketing data and let them manage their upcoming visits, be it to amend their date or add new ones.
Report better on ticket sales – With a completely integrated ticketing system, your farm park can report on every sale, every member or even every event. Create reports that matter to you, such as membership renewals, footfall forecasts and category reporting. Having ticket data and visitor buying habits information can help your management plan ahead and do more of what works.

So how do you get started?

If you’re ready to look at a new ticketing system and are ready to see how one might look for your attraction then you can book a free, no obligation demonstration of VisiSoft. In this demo one of our EPOS and Ticketing experts will talk you through how the system could work for you, address any current pain points of your existing solution, and answer any questions you might have. Whether you have a system you’re not happy with or are looking to implement an online solution for the first time, we’ve found that seeing is believing, so would encourage you to book to have a look yourself. If you’re not quite ready to book and you’re currently fact finding. Why not take a look at our ticketing for farm parks page or our ticketing demo videos page to find out more about VisiSoft.

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