Maximise Your Online Sales With The VisiSoft Ecommerce Link

Easily link your Ecommerce sales with your EPOS System at your visitor attraction through simple integration. Connect your website and online sales to your in-store sales from your Gift Shops and other retail outlets. Start managing your visitor and customer loyalty and discounts in one place for all of your online sales.

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Do you also sell your products through Amazon and eBay?

With VisiSoft, you can even link your Amazon and eBay storefronts to your visitor attraction EPOS System and start selling in more places.

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Connect Your Visitor Attraction EPOS System To Your Online Sales & Increase Revenue

Sell more at your visitor attraction through multiple online channels such as your website, Amazon and eBay.

At VisiSoft we’re all about helping you to run your attraction in the most efficient way possible. That includes streamlining your online sales for Gift Shop and other retail outlets into your complete EPOS system. Unlike some online sales connection software packages which claim to ‘integrate’ your data and your systems, with VisiSoft there is no manual intervention needed. This means no downloading and uploading of spreadsheets, and no manual re-keying of data saving you time. Instead, the relevant data within your systems is mapped to the correct fields on each linked platform, synchronising at the times you specify.

How Does It Work?

VisiSoft helps your attraction bring in revenue even when your doors are closed. By selling online you can virtually sell your product 24/7 across your website or other online stores such as Amazon and eBay. Whether you’re selling home baking kits, gift shop memorabilia or your homemade Gin, VisiSoft makes it easy to connect your online sales to your EPOS, accounts, stock and reporting solution.

Although VisiSoft allows integration to any database, we have templated the integration between common industry leading Ecommerce platforms such as Magento. With a small amount of scripting, your web developer can simply and quickly link any other eCommerce platform or service, such as Shopify, Woo Commerce or a bespoke system. With sales on the up across Amazon and eBay storefronts, easily link your sales with your business accounts and stock information to synchronise online sales across your visitor attraction.

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Sell More & Keep It Simple

Start making money 24/7 with online sales through your website for your tourist attraction.

  • Link all of your Ecommerce sales through your website, or other online channels by synchronising data on stock and accounts.
  • Reports keep your life simple and give you an accurate view of online sales performance.
  • Push pricing changes, stock availability, transaction data and more to all endpoints from your accounts software, and pull new transactions or user-content on-demand.
  • Create a seamless loop of data across multiple channels, locations, apps or services.
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Focus On Customers & Improve Service

Give your customers the service they deserve with a competent Ecommerce store.

  • Improve you customer experience online and give your customers what they want by providing individual, specific content or transaction data.
  • Meet and exceed customer demand at your attraction with a customer service mobile app & membership-specific pricing in your online shop.
  • Develop a loyalty strategy from historic orders to increase lifetime spend and make your customers feel valued.
  • Develop marketing and sales strategy based on customer type spend or peak/seasonal buying periods.
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Connect To Amazon & eBay Easily

Don’t limit your attraction to just selling through your website what about other online channels?

  • Whilst website sales allow you to reach your audience 24/7. Increase your sales even further through Amazon & eBay storefronts.
  • Our integration allows you to link your real time financial sales data with your accounts package.
  • Remove human intervention and re-keying of data, therefore virtually eliminating human error across all of your sales endpoints.
  • Connect your sales and transaction data to any 3rd party application, service, website or app and create one, single, seamless platform.
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Accurate Online Sales Information

Make sure that your online sales information is accurate with intelligent reports.

  • Our EPOS and online sales integration enables reporting from 3rd party applications directly in-house.
  • With a clear and accurate view of sales information you can make better decisions faster for your business.
  • Generate and view reports from all your different individual channels. Make more informed decisions based on accurate and timely data and grow your business.
  • Manage all your sales and customer experience channels from your accounts software at the touch of a button.

A VisiSoft Success StoryPeppa Pig World

In operation since 1983, Paultons Park in rural Hampshire has grown significantly from a modest country park and bird garden, to a national household name with 1.1 million visitors in 2019. Home of the official Peppa Pig World since 2011, Paultons has gone on to receive the accolade of “Number 1 Amusement Park” in the UK TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards every year since 2016.

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I would absolutely recommend VisiSoft for a business that has as many touch points in its EPOS system as us, to give the controls, speed of service and quality of experience to customers

Steven Lorton, Commercial Director, Peppa Pig World

Other Major UK Visitor Attractions Rely On VisiSoft To Cut Queues & Provide Better Customer Service

We are the EPOS & Ticketing partner of choice for many visitor attractions across the UK. With reliable tills and intelligent reporting, no longer be held back by your EPOS system and gain the insight your attraction needs to grow.

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