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Changing software at your attraction might feel a bit overwhelming if you’re not sure what’s involved, but don’t worry this is exactly what we’ve supported hundereds of businesses across the UK with for over 30 years.

If you’re after rapid delpoyment our VisiStart process will get your site live in less than 6 weeks or if you’re looking for this solution to support a bigger transformation project our VisiScope implementation is what you need.

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Learn More About How The VisiSoft Process Works

Depending on your attractions specific requirements you’ll either need our VisiStart implementation or our VisiScope implementation

Moving to a new ticketing partner can seem like a daunting task, with lots of membership data to organise and migrate, integrations into your finance package to set up and the configuration of your ticket types, events and upsells. We’re here to reduce the stress along every step of the journey and make sure your implementation process runs seamlessly. You can find out more about each implementation below, if you’re not sure which is the best fit for you, then you can always get in touch with us to run through your requirements and our team will guide you towards the most suitable implementation.


VisiStart is our rapid implementation option that allows you to get your new VisiSoft solution live in 6 weeks or less. Using all of the information gathered throughout the sales process, our team will create an implementation plan unique to your attraction. This plan will take you from day 1 up to the end of week 6 so you know what is happening on your project throughout that time.

Along this timeline there will be some tasks that we will complete or prepare for you and some tasks your team will need to be involved with. Across the entire implementation we’ll need you to spare around 5 – 7 days to assist in data and stock imports, testing and user training and we do the rest.

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gift aid for visitor attractions
gift aid for visitor attractions


VisiScope is our fully scoped implementation option that allows you to get your new VisiSoft solution live in a timeframe that suits your attraction. This is perfect for anyone undertaking a digital transformation project across their attraction or allows additional time when third parties are involved in the project.

We will use the early stages post sign off to gather all of the relevant information about your attraction’s requirements and fully scope the implementation process. Following key stakeholder discussions on existing processes and improvements that the new solution can bring we will create an implementation plan unique to your attraction.

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Not Sure Which Implementation Is Best For You? We Can Help.

If you’re looking at changing the EPOS and ticketing solution at your attraction we can help you to scope, implement and launch your project. It just starts by dropping us a message so we can have a quick chat about your requirements, how we work and get booked in to see a demo of the solution.
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We’re Here To Support You Every Step Of The Way

We pride ourselves on our step-by-step process from initial demos to implementation and continued support. Our structured process of software implementations has been honed over 30 years and uses concepts from well-known project management process such as Agile and Prince II. Because every step of your journey is documented it makes internal handovers from our implementations team to our support staff seamless and you’ll be kept in touch as every step of the way.


Support & Advice From Day 1

When you make an enquiry and book a demo with us then we’ll match you up with an specialist who will focus on understanding your business and what you’d like to achieve.

All of our EPOS specialists have a background in the technical side of our software development, so they understand exactly what is needed to meet your requirements.


Seamless Handover Process

As your project moves through our business we’ll assign you a dedicated project manager. The project manager will then work with your our installation engineers and anyone at your business to organise and schedule all work required.

You will be kept up to date at every stage of the implementation process so you understand all of the timescales related to your project.


Our Internal Systems

Changing providers can be daunting, but we try and make it as seamless as possible for you and your team. We document every step of your process, meaning that our internal systems are constantly updated with information about your project.

This means that once the implementation phase is complete, our support team have full visibility of the work completed.


Strong Relationships

We believe that strong relationships are built by connecting with multiple people in your business and we do that by ensuring our management team check up with you at key stages of your project, ensuring that you happy with the progress.

We share direct contact details for all key members of staff, so you can always get hold of someone if you need them.


Highly Accredited Engineers

The quality of support provided is directly related to the technical ability of our staff, which is why, as a minimum, every one of our support engineers goes through 4 weeks of intensive training with our management team.

As we develop and build our own software we have a technical support team that directly works alongside our developers to maintain and support your systems


A Personal Service

All of our account managers have a huge amount of experience supporting businesses who want to connect their Ticketing and EPOS with other technology such as Stock, Accounts and Online sales within their business.

As well as providing regular updates, statistics and reviews of our performance, your account manager will also help you with anything else you need from us.

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