Barcode Scanning For Simple & Accurate Ticket Redemption

Our barcode scanning devices are revolutionising the way attractions accurately redeem admissions, memberships and event tickets. Our simple to use, handheld scanning devices can be deployed at any location across your attraction to help bust queues and get accurate ticket redemptions. These devices don’t need any training for the user to get started, simply scan the ticket barcode, select the tickets you want to redeem and that’s it.

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Redeem Tickets Easily, Cut Long Queues, & Report On Footfall Accurately

VisiScan is a mobile scanning device that can quickly and accurately scan the barcodes on your visitor’s membership pass, events tickets and standard admissions tickets. This is a fast and simple way to get visitors into your attraction quicker and provides you with the accurate information you need to make informed decisions about your resources and event success. The scanning devices can be picked up and used by any member of staff helping you to get people through your door quicker and excel visitor expectations with a no-fuss and efficient ticket redemption.

Plus, this handheld device can be used by anyone in your team as there’s no training required to get started. You can choose your rental term from 2 months – 12 months, you also choose the amount of devices you need and we send them out to you ready to use. This is perfect for your busy summer periods or seasonal event such as Santas Grotto or Exhibitions.

By scanning every ticket you’ll be able to see every single ticket that has been redeemed for your events or standard admissions, allowing you to effectively plan resources for future events and manage busier periods. With simple 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity you can use the devices anywhere around your attraction, whether it’s a fast entry lane for pre-booked ticket holders at admissions or event ticket redemption inside your attraction.


Some Of The Amazing Benefits Of VisiScan Include:

visiscan - mobile ticket scanning

Unpack & Start Scanning

Get started in a few seconds. We do the set up – you just unpack them and get scanning.

visiscan - mobile ticket scanning

You Choose The Rental Term

You choose when to rent the devices and how many – ready for when you need them.

visiscan - mobile ticket scanning

Accurate Footfall Reporting

Scanning every ticket or membership means you know exactly who’s turned up and footfall reports are accurate.

visiscan - mobile ticket scanning

Cut Your Queues

Deploy anywhere around your attraction to cut queues instantly. Scan, tap and they’re in.

visiscan - mobile ticket scanning

No Duplicate Tickets

Once a ticket has been scanned it shows up as redeemed and can’t be scanned again.

visiscan - mobile ticket scanning

Search Functionality

No barcode? Just search by name, postcode or membership number for simple redemptions without tickets.

visiscan - mobile ticket scanning

One Inclusive Cost

Device set up, implementation, deployment and support is all included in the rental price.

visiscan - mobile ticket scanning

Picture Redemptions

Show individual people including pictures when redeeming. You can choose who to redeem or redeem all.

Ready To Revolutionise Your Attraction?

With VisiSoft working alongside your expert team, you can expect happy customers and shorter queues.

You don’t need to know about tills, pos systems and computers – VisiSoft supports you and your business and alleviates the stress by helping you make the most of your growing attraction. Remove the queues at the admissions desk, manage run your catering and retail with ease and make more informed decisions faster with on-demand reporting.

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