National Maritime Museum Cornwall Sets Sail with Streamlined Ticketing and EPOS from VisiSoft

We explore how the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, a leading attraction celebrating Cornwall’s maritime heritage, navigated challenges with their new EPOS and ticketing system from VisiSoft. Hear how VisiSoft’s all-in-one solution transformed their operations, enhancing visitor experience, boosting efficiency and empowering future growth.

National Maritime Museum Cornwall also benefitted from VisiSoft’s robust membership functionality which saw an incredible 100% uplift in membership sales!

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NMMC explores the influence of the sea on local, national and global history and culture

National Maritime Museum Cornwall opened in 2003 and consists of 15 galleries spread across five floors, which explore the overwhelming influence of the sea on local, national and global history and culture. Its purpose is to enrich visitors understanding of the sea and Cornwall by providing diverse perspectives on maritime issues through its exhibitions programme. The admission fee is reinvested back into the museum to enhance and grow their work.


NMMC wanted to say goodbye to dated and clunky and hello to feature-rich systems…

The museum provides award-winning education programmes, family learning activities and undertakes boat building and conservation. Additionally, the museum works to preserve and promote Cornwall’s maritime heritage. It is an independent museum and receives no regular funding, relying solely on its admission fees, Gift Aid, donations and commercial activity.

Volunteers play a significant role in the museum’s operation, providing over 30,000 hours of service each year.

The Reason For Change

National Maritime Museum Cornwall decided to change their EPOS and ticketing solution due to issues with their old system. The previous system was clunky and awkward to use and there was no support or development plans for the product. This situation did not align with the museum’s growth plans and the providers had become disconnected.

As a result, the museum decided to look for a new system that focused on further product development and provided an all-inclusive EPOS and ticketing system that could support their growth plans and future development. Their new VisiSoft system was introduced to address the challenges faced by the old system, provide support and allow the museum to grow and develop while providing a seamless ticketing and EPOS experience.

The Solution

We provided NMMC with a complete EPOS, ticketing, stock control and management solution. This included all of their online ticketing, memberships, events and Gift Aid requirements alongside tills for their large retail store and tills for cafes and admissions. The online ticketing solution meant that, for the first time, members and ticket holders could self-serve through their online portal and alter dates/times and information ahead of their trip, reducing the amount of admin calls that were being taken from the visitor services team.

As the museum has a large retail store, not only did we set up easy-to-use tills but we also added stock management to assist in stock takes and provide accurate stock levels which was not previously available. Having all solutions now connected in a modern ticketing solution with extensive reporting capabilities, it has allowed the marketing team to track the ROI of their campaigns and monitor the success through GA4 tracking and the VisiTickets platform. Reporting from across every department within the attraction is now available in clear visual dashboards, where information and data can be drilled into, rather than the historic alternative PDF reports. We also went through a process of updating card terminals and ensuring that the online payment gateway was PCI compliant. Following a consultation with one of our payment gateway partners Clover, the museum managed to off-set all of the project costs with the savings they make on transactions – another huge bonus for the charity.

Investing In Customer Experience

VisiSoft has allowed National Maritime Museum Cornwall to meet the demands of their growing customer numbers with state-of-the-art tills and tablets located through their attraction. Our museum EPOS software is specifically designed with museums in mind making it simple to process admissions at the entrance and keep queues short.

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“Setting up and managing the back office system, making adjustments and adding events is so much simpler and clearer process for us to administer.”
– Giles Gould, Head of Commercial Operations

The Implementation

As this was a huge undertaking for the museum, we made sure that from our initial scoping meeting the heads of each department were a part of the conversation and planning. The entire project ran seamlessly with each key milestone being achieved and the project plan running smoothly. A major apprehension for the museum before taking on the project was whether the installation would impact the running of the day-to-day duties. We addressed this with a dedicated project consultant throughout the implementation, who communicated with all key stakeholders on timings.

The data was taken from their legacy system and migrated successfully into our solution. Then we spilt out smaller training sessions to ensure all super users were trained up and comfortable with the system. Following this, we then worked with the museum to provide training for their teams. The go live was a great success and everyone involved from both sides of the partnership were thrilled to see the launch.

The Benefits

But what about the impacts? Perhaps the biggest benefit of VisiSoft is the increase in sales. National Maritime Museum Cornwall have seen a huge 100% increase in their membership sales, thanks to additional functionality which makes it simple and fast for customers to purchase memberships – allowing them to pay once and get in ‘free’ for a year!

Not only increased ticket sales but upsell opportunities at the checkout process have increased sales on souvenirs too. The ability to add things like guidebooks or cream teas at point of purchase have been really well received by customers and NMMC say “we’ve certainly benefited from additional sales.”

Getting their GiftAid right was another key benefit for the museum. Their new system means they have peace of mind that they’re statutorily compliant, where they lacked confidence in the past.

What’s Your Next Project?

We’re so confident with our solution, that we’d welcome you to go and talk with some of our wonderful customers. We’ve got live sites all over the UK in all different sub industries within visitor attractions – and none of them are the same. What makes us unique is being able to fit our solution around your business.

VisiSoft is the only EPOS & attraction management platform that you need.

Having been created by a leading developer in integrated EPOS for over 30 years, VisiSoft represents a very robust and tried and tested solution – National Maritime Museum Cornwall will vouch for that!

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We now have a modern and ever-improving system, working with a team who are keen to not only resolve our issues but work with us for specific solutions…constantly looking to improve and evolve the offer

– Giles Gould, Head of Commercial Operations

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