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Our free review will give you insight into how a user would interact with your website and highlight key stages of the online ticketing journey. Each review will include some actionable insights and recommendations to improve your online ticketing journey for visitors.

We’ll look at how well your customer journey is structured and the information you provide throughout the process and how you can achieve your ultimate goal — increased ticket sales and conversions. We will use the tried and tested SIMPLE ticketing methodology to carry out the review.

We’ll show you how to hit your conversion goals and exceed customer expectations.

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— Free Ticketing Journey Review —

Gain essential insight into your ticketing journey with our free review. One of our consultants will carry out a free review of your online journey and show you how you can increase conversions and exceed visitor expectations.

Request A Free Ticketing Review

How Does The Free Review Work?

When you request your free ticketing review we’ll ask you a couple of questions about your attraction so we know we’re in the right place. The review will be carried out by one of our in-house senior ticketing consultants who’s been working in the visitor attraction industry for over 15 years. The online user experience is a key part of your visitor’s interaction with your attraction and we all know first impressions count. That’s why we’re passionate about advising you on how to make it the best possible experience for your visitors.

We’ve helped increase online ticket sales for countless UK-based visitor attractions by streamlining processes and increasing online transactions and conversions. We work with ambitious attractions who have established a great visitor experience onsite and are looking to scale up and offer the same great experience online through their ticket booking process.

If we don’t think you’re ready to invest in a new online ticketing system just yet, we’ll let you know and provide you with some next steps for you to action to improve your existing journey.

If we think we’d be a great ticketing partner for you, we’ll analyse your existing touchpoints and online journey. Our experts will look for opportunities to make improvements to increase your traffic and conversions.

We’ll record a video review so we can best explain to you which parts of your ticketing journey could benefit the most from improvement and provide advice on key elements. We’ll then provide you with a loose strategy and action plan that we think will help your website’s traffic, leads and goals.

The review is completely free of charge. If, after you’ve seen your review, you decide to become a VisiSoft customer, we will help you to implement all of the recommendations made.

If you choose not to enlist the help of our services but are completely happy with your review, we’d be thrilled to have your honest feedback on what you thought of our review process.

We looked at the systems top UK visitor attractions, such as The Eden Project and Paultons Park, had in place to enhance the visitor’s experience and have invested in the same technology with VisiSoft. We’re taking the steps we know will help accelerate growth and key to this is a ticketing and EPOS system to manage the pre-visit, visit and post-visit follow up for visitors.

– Adam, ROAR!! Dinosaur Adventure

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Request A Free Ticketing Review

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Who Is Our Free Online Ticketing Review For?

Owners, Managing Directors and Founders of Attractions

We’ve increased the traffic, conversions and ticket sales for UK based visitor attraction owners who needed a dedicated team to manage their visitor services strategies.

To achieve this, we’ve taken on full responsibility for the work — so the owners can dedicate more of their time to business operations. Or, we have worked alongside their existing internal team to complement and expand their current online ticketing and visitor management efforts.

Park and Attraction Managers and Directors

We’ve worked with visitor attraction managers and directors to significantly increase their online sales of tickets and memberships to bring hundreds and thousands more visitors to their attraction. In turn, this has increased their on site revenue by improving footfall traffic and increased spend in outlets such as cafe’s and gift shops on site.

Marketing and Visitor Services Managers

We’ve partnered with marketing managers and visitor services teams for many types of attractions to help with the delivery of their online strategy, in particular those who needed outside support and specialist knowledge and expertise of the online ticketing journey to complement their existing efforts.

Moving over to VisiTickets is probably the best decision I’ve made in my tenure at Drusillas. The administration, the time-saving and aesthetically pleasing model have all combined to create an excellent product. The development and roadmap is far superior to anything that I’ve seen and I recommend VisiSoft to anyone else in the market.

– Ollie, Drusillas Park

[Image Credit: Drusillas Park]

Request A Free Ticketing Review
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Industries We’ve Recorded Reviews For

We work with all variations of the visitor attraction industry, from Heritage sites and castles, to some of the UK’s leading family attractions and theme parks. As part of our process we always review existing user experiences for our customers to be able to advise on how every customer can get the most from their online ticketing solution. Many great attractions we’ve worked with have gone on to become long-standing customers of VisiSoft.

We’ve helped some of the UK’s leading attractions to audit their existing systems and find areas for improvement to make the online customer journey as amazing as the on-site experience that attraction offers. Some key sub industries we work with include:

  • Family Attractions
  • Theme Parks
  • Farm Parks
  • Castles and Heritage Sites
  • Country Houses and Parks
  • Zoos and Safari Parks
  • Museums

A VisiSoft Success StoryPeppa Pig World

In operation since 1983, Paultons Park in rural Hampshire has grown significantly from a modest country park and bird garden, to a national household name with 1.1 million visitors in 2019. Home of the official Peppa Pig World since 2011, Paultons has gone on to receive the accolade of “Number 1 Amusement Park” in the UK TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards every year since 2016.

View Full Case Study

I would absolutely recommend VisiSoft for a business that has as many touch points in its EPOS system as us, to give the controls, speed of service and quality of experience to customers

Steven Lorton, Commercial Director, Peppa Pig World

What’s Included In The Free Review?

We’ll review the complete online user experience from accessing your ticket booking system from your main website, through to the checkout steps and options available. We will look for opportunities where you can get quick wins and suggest some longer term improvements if required to help increase conversions and ultimately visitor numbers.

Specifically we will focus on the areas that are absolutely essential for every online ticket booking system must have and if those aren’t in-place highlight how or where they could be added. Using our SIMPLE ticketing methodology we will strategically assess every touch point of the user journey and feedback on its current effectiveness. We’ll also make recommendations on areas that might score low on the methodology and suggest ways you can improve or implement quick wins.


Who Are We?

We’re a UK-based online ticketing and EPOS provider specialising in integrated solutions for visitor and tourist attractions. We’re passionate about making a difference to our customers – and to their customers too. We love helping tourist attractions to achieve their goals, improve their use of technology and create unforgettable memories for their visitors.

Since we were formed in 1981, we have been playing our part in creating unforgettable family days out, fantastic school trips and memories that will last a lifetime. We dedicate our time to creating and supporting brilliant software that attractions can trust, meaning they can dedicate their time to looking after their visitors and creating amazing days out.

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The process with VisiSoft has been great, from initial requirements meetings to go live and support. We are more than happy with our new EPOS and ticketing solution and would absolutely recommend VisiSoft to other visitor attractions and museums.

– Simon Prager, The Tank Museum

Request A Free Ticketing Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for a free review?

Absolutely, we welcome attractions of all types and in a variety of industries to take part in our online ticketing review process. It is a great opportunity for you to assess your current offering and speak to a ticketing professional in the attractions industry for some free and honest advice.

Do I have to use your ticketing system?

No. You’re not obligated to use any of our services once your review has been completed. Our online ticketing review is completely free of charge and it is used to help consult and advise attractions on how they can get the most out of their online ticketing journey.

Each review will include some actionable insights and recommendations to improve your online journey. These tasks might be something you can carry out in-house or you may have to lean on your existing provider to make improvements. Ultimately, if you decide following the review that you’d like to talk to us about our online ticketing software, we’d invite you to see a demonstration of how our online ticketing software could help you achieve more conversions and increase online ticketing sales.

How long do I have to wait for my review?

Due to the popularity of our free reviews and the fact they are carried out by our Senior Ticketing Consultants, there can be a minimum five day wait for the delivery after making your request. If you need it sooner, just let us know in the message and we can help prioritise based on your internal deadlines.

What do you look at in your reviews?

When we record your ticketing review, we look at your existing online ticketing journey through the perspective of both a potential visitor and the eyes of experienced ticketing professionals. We’re looking at how well your customer journey is structured and the information you provide throughout the process and how you can achieve your ultimate goal — more ticket sales and conversions. We will use the SIMPLE ticketing methodology to carry out the review.

S – Signpost, how well is your journey signposted?
I – Inform, do you inform your visitor at each step of the journey?
M – Mobile First, is your actual ticketing website in-line with the industry standard of mobile first?
P – Payment Gateway, what payment gateways do you offer?
L – Less is more, how much information do you request from the visitor?
E – Extra, is there anything else you can be doing extra to excel visitor expectations?

This tried and tested methodology is used by the UK’s leading attractions, this review will show you how you can exceed expectations for your visitors just like the leading attractions do.

Please Note, the free online ticketing review is a brilliant first step in reviewing your existing visitor attraction software. However, for the best results we would recommend a full scoping session and demonstration of how VisiSoft can help your attraction increase visitor numbers and improve visitor experience.

We needed a company that could sort everything out. Installation, the internet, cabling etc. Not only that, but we needed them to be able to work outside of our trading hours, and also be good, fast and offer an efficient service. VisiSoft offered all those services, and we’re more than happy with the customer service that they provided. The relationship that we have with VisiSoft we’re more than happy with. We need it to grow with us, and I’m sure it will.

– Carl Grimshaw, Smithills Open Farm

Request A Free Ticketing Review

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