Increase Gift Aid Donations & Sales With A Reliable EPOS & Ticketing Solution For Country Houses.

Look No Further For An EPOS & Ticketing System That Helps Your Country House or Stately Home Cut Entrance Queues, Process Gift Aid Quickly and Create Reports On Everything Important To Your Estate.

VisiSoft delivers across Ticketing & EPOS.

Designed for stately homes & country houses, VisiSoft deals with admissions, Gift Aid processing, cafés & restaurants, gift shops, weddings & open days.

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Welcome More Visitors & Increase Gift Aid Revenues With VisiSoft

Are you ready for a single platform that gives you control over ticketing, catering and retail? VisiSoft is designed to be as intuitive and quick to learn as possible, perfect for training volunteers and seasonal staff.

Increase membership uptake and renewals with loyalty schemes and personalised campaigns. Easily process Gift Aid at the till to help increase revenue streams. Prepare for seasonal peaks, capitalise on travel tours and give your visitors new reasons to come back with actionable data from an estate-wide system. Easily report on everything from the takings on an admissions till to the best-selling tour package.

Easily Process Gift Aid With Admissions

Increase Gift Aid donations with a simple to use EPOS system – Perfect for training volunteers.

  • Manage every visitor type from group and school bookings to guided tours and family passes.
  • Redeem tickets & process GiftAid quickly with our postcode look up.
  • Increase repeat visits through membership schemes and ‘friends of’ loyalty schemes.
  • Maximise admission revenue with up-sells, bundles and donation prompts at the till.

Serve More Customers In Your Cafe

From cafés and restaurants to events and weddings – VisiSoft delivers on your catering requirements.

  • Choose between café style table allocation and full table management.
  • Send lunchtime cafe orders straight to the kitchen via printers.
  • Offer pre-booking online or at admissions – perfect for Afternoon Tea & dining experiences. Great Gift ideas for visitors.
  • Easily adapt and change your menu options based on events or seasonal changes.

Maximise Retail Revenue With Upsells

With VisiSoft you can control stock levels and manage menu items all in one place.

  • Automated offers, pre-configured to apply when you want and to what you want.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell with customer displays, multi-buys and simple staff prompts.
  • Accept gift vouchers for use in store, perfect for school trips and group bookings.
  • Use barcoding to speed up the time at the till and your monthly stock takes.

Take Your Reporting Seriously

Visibly see how each area of the estate is performing: get financial and operational insight at any time.

  • View performance dashboards online through any device at any time to monitor success.
  • Easily forecast and prepare based on historical performance and seasonal change.
  • Maximise GiftAid revenue with HMRC compliant reporting as standard.
  • Report on footfall, average spend, annual pass revenues or event capacity – out-of-the-box.

VisiSoft Success StoriesBurton Agnes Hall & Gardens and
Burton Constable Hall & Grounds

Yorkshire based Burton Agnes Hall and Burton Constable Hall are considered two of Yorkshire’s finest days out.

Over the years both have looked to enhance the experience to keep visitors coming back for more. This has meant broadening their offering from catering and retail to flagship open events. The 2017 Radio 1 Big Weekend held at Burton Constable is a great example.

Growth and diversification of this kind meant both homes needed a reliable, robust system that could provide the stability they needed whilst also allowing for the agility to add new ventures easily and report on their performance.

Both houses run VisiSoft for their admissions and tills throughout the full estate, utilising ticketing, catering and retail functionality whilst also maximising their revenues through GiftAid capture at the till. The future looks bright as the solution supports them through capitalising on the ever changing demands of the visitor attraction industry.

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Major UK Visitor Attractions Rely On VisiSoft To Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

We are the EPOS & Ticketing partner of choice for many visitor attractions across the UK. With reliable tills and intelligent reporting, no longer be held back by your EPOS system and gain the insight your attraction needs to grow.

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Processing Gift Aid Easily & Accurately With VisiSoft

Relieve the stress of accurately capturing Gift Aid at your admissions desk. With our EPOS solution your operators can be guided through the data capture ensuring all relevant information from the visitor is accurately captured. When setting up your till you can make all fields relating to Gift Aid mandatory and with our intelligent postcode look up software you can rely on your operators to capture accurate address information.

With simple to use systems our tills ensure your volunteers and seasonal staff need minimal training, the process is quick and painless meaning you can keep your queues moving and boost your revenue streams. Then when you are ready, simply head to your reporting dashboard and view our pre-formatted Gift Aid capture report to calculate your Gift Aid claim.

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We Come Highly Recommended!

VisiSoft is the UK’s leading EPOS and ticketing solution for country houses, stately homes and gardens. We are very proud of our 99% customer satisfaction rating and 98% customer retention, a testament to our product and service.

Our Support Is Second-To-None.

We’re so confident in our reliable tills that we do offer support, but we know you won’t need it. We offer a very simple service level agreement, which guarantees a response in 1 hour and we aim to fix any issues within 8 hours. In addition, any mission-critical issues are escalated and prioritised, as we know how important your till systems are to the running of your attraction.

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Country House Benefits

You’re very busy, and your grounds, garden and estate requires constant maintenance. VisiSoft can help you excel at the visitor attraction side of your business and grow.

Visitor Benefits

Give your customers the best experience possible – year-round! Let them leave happy and keep them coming back for more. Plus start rewarding loyalty visitors with membership schemes.

Country House Benefits

You’re very busy, and your grounds, garden and estate requires constant maintenance. VisiSoft can help you excel at the visitor attraction side of your business and grow.

Diversify your estate across ticketing, catering and retail with only one simple system

Empower your staff and volunteers to focus on visitor experience rather than IT & admin

Maximise visitor value with membership plans, up-sell opportunities and events

Maximise all of your revenue streams with accurate, real-time reporting tools

Visitor Benefits

Give your customers the best experience possible – year-round! Let them leave happy and keep them coming back for more. Plus start rewarding loyalty visitors with membership schemes.

Don’t waste time in queues with quick admissions and pre-booked dining options

Plan your visit in advance by booking events and displays to make the most out of your day

Access special benefits such as offers and exclusive content as an annual member

Benefit from tailored packages, bundles and deals to get the best value for money

VisiSoft is the premium EPOS platform for country houses, manors and halls in the UK.

Link all your ticketing, admissions, tills, stock and business management tools together to get true visibility of your performance. Make more educated decisions faster, capitalise on opportunities through trend analysis, forecast demand and be overall more agile to act on those all-important decisions.

VisiSoft helps your country house adapt, diversify and grow.

It’s designed specifically to support your growth, and grow with you: add EPOS tills, self-service kiosks, stock management, online ticketing, websites and more as you require them. Add new sites as your estate opens up, connect digital marketing and loyalty schemes and get the performance data that you need – when you need it.

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Online group and school ticketing, cafes, gift shops, GiftAid, memberships and reporting all on one system, all backed up by award-winning support.

Your visitors deserve the best experience: VisiSoft empowers your team to delivery exactly that.

Request a demonstration and let us show you how VisiSoft could work for your attraction. 

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