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Drusillas Park See 20% Uplift In Online Membership Sales With VisiSoft

Drusillas Park see a 20% uplift in membership sales and offers better customer experience since launching their online ticketing systems with VisiSoft.

Family zoo and attraction Drusillas Park, located in Sussex, saw an unprecedented uplift in membership sales in just 10 weeks thanks to their newly implemented online ticketing system from VisiSoft.

Drusillas have seen great success with the online sale of their memberships, increasing uptake by a massive 20%. This has been huge for the park, who previously we’re unable to sell such memberships online. They have also been able to offer better customer experience to visitors, with easy to navigate online customer journeys and membership management.

ticketing for zoos

Drusillas Park, founded in 1925, was opened as a tearoom to sell refreshments to passing motorists and was taken over by the Smith family around 25 years ago. In January 2022 brother and sister team, Ollie Smith and Cassandra Poland, took over the management of the park.

Their plan is to continue to invest into their winning formula of ‘Zoo, Play, Ride’. With plans to grow and uplift not only general ticket sales and footfall but memberships too, Drusillas turned to their existing EPOS provider, VisiSoft, to implement their new online ticketing system. You can find out more about the ticketing solution here.

Drusillas’ had a big focus on creating an immersive user journey online which is an extension of the same great visitor experience they offer visitors when they arrive at the park. This included the addition of visitors being able to purchase and manage their memberships online. Additional functionality has allowed Drusillas to be more flexible with ticket sales online, these include the ability to purchase tickets on the day, allowing visitors immediate entry upon their arrival and more flexibility if they have to change the date of their booking.

ticketing for zoos

Managing Director, Ollie Smith, commented on the new solution. “The administration workload has absolutely been minimized so much since moving over, which I would say is the biggest plus side from a visitor services perspective. Simply being able to change people’s bookings when they come forward and ask has been brilliant. Plus, the user experience of buying tickets online is now so much better than it was before. The whole checkout journey I feel has been simplified massively by using the Shopify model. I like being able to merge the two worlds of retail and ticketing together to create that experience.”

During the migration to their new system, the team at Drusillas took the opportunity to sort through and update their visitor information. Undertaking this process meant that VisiSoft stored only key visitor information that is accessible by their front of house teams in seconds.

“Our team have saved at least an hour every day using the new system to manage memberships and ticket sales. Our visitor services team can extrapolate so much more information in a tenth of the time from our previous system. When they’re at the till dealing with customers, being able to bring up their memberships and being able to action or process certain tasks is made so much easier for them.” – Ollie Smith, Managing Director at Drusillas Park.

Since launching, seeing figures increase by a massive 20% for online membership sales and has saved their management team countless hours in admin time, through intelligent reporting and automation. The family are keen to continue investing in the park to make it an immersive, unique and engaging experience for children. The work on creating an immersive space has begun with the opening of a new Coati enclosure that is packed full of interactive and educational features.

You can find out more about Drusillas Park and purchase tickets here: or find out more about how we can help your visitor attraction here.

A VisiSoft Success StoryDrusillas Park Zoo

Drusillas Park required a ticketing solution that could work for them, providing a seamless customer journey and easy management for their staff.
VisiSoft helped Drusillas Park expand on their existing VisiSoft EPOS solution and add an integrated online ticketing system to help manage online membership sales and improve visitor experience.

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We’ve seen a massive 20% uplift in online membership sales since launching with VisiSoft.

Ollie Smith, Managing Director

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