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How Ticketing Systems For Zoos and Animal Attractions Can Increase Footfall

Looking to increase the footfall and visitor numbers to your zoo or animal attraction?

A key part of increasing numbers might just lie in your ticketing system. The key is to streamline your ticketing and admissions processes to set the right first impression, serve visitor quicker and get them into your park sooner.


Create a Great Online Experience When Purchasing The Tickets

The journey for your customers starts long before they step foot in your zoo or animal attraction. For visitors, first impressions begin during the ticket-buying process, so it’s really important to get this right. At VisiSoft, we’ve come up with a SIMPLE ticketing journey which makes it much easier for you to follow a standardised process that hits all the touch points your customers will expect.

SIMPLE really is just that; a simple process for zoos and animal attractions to follow when it comes to creating a great online experience when purchasing tickets:

S: Signpost
I: Inform
M: Mobile First
P: Payment
L: Less is More
E: Extra

How can you apply the process in your own ticket system for zoos? We break it down below.


How well signposted is your website? Is there a clear CTA ‘Book Now’ button on the header and homepage? Do you manage the user journey through simple options such as choose by ticket type, event or date?


Do you clearly inform the user about your attraction and the booking process? Are you upfront about preempting and answering their questions and prevent blockers to the buying journey?


Mobile First
With over 70% of website traffic coming through mobiles, make sure your website and online ticketing journey is mobile first. Put simply, that means user experience is pleasant, easy to navigate and fast.


Reduce basket abandonment with easy payment gateway options such as Paypal and Apple Pay, where visitors details can be auto-filled and they can complete their purchase without entering card info.


Less is More
Can you reduce the amount of steps in the buyer journey? Consider whether all of the questions you ask are relevant and that it’s information you really need. Is there a way to simplify your questions?


What else could you be upselling during the ticket-buying process? Perhaps a donation for you attraction, or personalising a Gift Aid message? Maybe you sell guides or animal feed which be collected upon arrival.

Utilise Self-Service Ticket and Membership Management

Simplifying the buying journey using your ticketing software for zoos and animal attractions doesn’t always end when customers have purchased their tickets, either. If the last few years of upheaval and ever-changing landscapes has taught us anything, it’s that even the best-laid plans can go awry!

When you offer self-service tickets and memberships to your customers, consider the option of allowing amendments to entry dates and times. By allowing customers to login and make the amends themselves, you’ll free up time for your teams so they can focus on value-adding tasks instead of repetitive admin duties, you’ll take away the need to offer refunds in most cases so your profits will be less affected and your customers will take away yet another positive experience from your zoo or animal attraction.


Tackle Queues Onsite

You’ve perfected the ticketing journey with our SIMPLE process and you’ve put the power in the hands of your customers and freed up valuable time for your teams, but what about the final step before your customers make it into your zoo or animal attraction? Gaining entry.

A process often overlooked, but is really important when it comes to not only the customer experience, but also helping to increase profit at your attraction, is queue busting on your busier days.

Whether it’s weekends, school holidays or special events, consider using your ticketing system for zoos to implement barcode scanning or gaining entry for customers with the use of tablets.

Not everyone will have bought their tickets before they arrive, so save your kiosks for those customers (they’ll need a little more time at the kiosk compared to those with pre-bought tickets or memberships). Instead, have additional queues specifically for those who already have their tickets – it will streamline the process for customers and staff, and less time spent in queues means more time to get round your attraction and increase spend at your outlets.

If you’re looking to review your existing processes for online ticketing and membership management we offer a free ticketing journey review. The review will be carried out by one of our ticketing consultants and will provide an analkysis of your exisiting user journey, to find out more about this review or to book your free review check out – Free Online Ticketing Review.

A VisiSoft Success StoryDrusillas Park Zoo

Drusillas Park required a ticketing solution that could work for them, providing a seamless customer journey and easy management for their staff.
VisiSoft helped Drusillas Park expand on their existing VisiSoft EPOS solution and add an integrated online ticketing system to help manage online membership sales and improve visitor experience.

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We’ve seen a massive 20% uplift in online membership sales since launching with VisiSoft.

Ollie Smith, Managing Director

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