VisiSoft Develop New Self Service EPOS Technology For Paultons Park

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VisiSoft, the leader in EPOS and ticketing solutions for visitor attractions in the UK have partnered with their customer Paultons Park to create a new self service EPOS solution for their Route 83 diner in the newly launched Tornado Springs.

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VisiSoft customer Paultons Park, the official home of Peppa Pig World in the UK, and TripAdvisor’s Number 1 Amusement Part since 2016 have opened a brand new development of their park in April 2021.

Tornado Springs, the new themed area opened following the relaxation of COVID rules in April 2021, and showcases none other than the latest offering from VisiSoft: Self-Service kiosks in their new restaurant area.

Self-service is the biggest shake-up in technology influencing visitor experience to hit the visitor and leisure attraction industry in recent times. As a development of the public need for things to be faster and other tech and consumer industries moving to on-demand, self-service in all of its guises will soon be the norm when ordering food in heavy footfall situations. Seen first in supermarkets, which weeded out the first few teething problems of the technology, the fast food chains soon realised that this could revolutionise how quickly they could serve their customers. McDonalds set the bench mark for the user experience and other major players soon followed suit.

Paultons Park had been in discussions with VisiSoft to see how plausible a solution would be for their site, and the target for the opening of their newly themed restaurant set the development schedule for the implementation. With the emergence of COVID-19 the original launch of May 2020 was delayed, however that just gave both teams in development and on-site time to perfect the solution before visitor use.

Touch-screen technology has existed for decades, and with the public now demanding self-service the difficulties were not in the concept, but in meeting the user experience requirements and integrating the solution back in to the EPOS and F&B management system already on-site at Paultons. In fact, since opening, the touch screen technology and self service element has gone down an absolute treat with customers. Steve Lorton, Commercial Director at Paultons Park a few days after the launch of self service in their new Route 83 Diner commented, “It has worked really well and the really pleasing thing is that guests seem to be very familiar with the process in terms of placing orders”.

As visitors are now investing in experiences and making memories more than ever before, the user interface and user experience for the self-service deployment was paramount. The experience had to be completely convincing to aesthetically match the theme and style of the new 1950’s wild-west restaurant. Working with Paultons’ marketing team, VisiSoft were able to use the same visuals and designs that inspired the Tornado Springs theme and bring the experience to life.

The new product feature stands as a testament to the relationship between the two companies, as this feature alone will influence the experience of thousands of children and young families over the coming weeks, months and years.

With 1.1 million visitors in 2019, and a course set to increase as lockdown in the UK eases and staycations become the norm, Paultons are looking to roll the new self-service technology out across all of their F&B outlets in future phases.

Thanks to the UK’s Number 1 Amusement Park, you too can have the self-service solution that they rely so heavily upon. Self-service is available now as part of your VisiSoft solution! Join the revolution and give your customers what they want.


You can watch the full case study below:

A VisiSoft Success StoryPeppa Pig World

In operation since 1983, Paultons Park in rural Hampshire has grown significantly from a modest country park and bird garden, to a national household name with 1.1 million visitors in 2019. Home of the official Peppa Pig World since 2011, Paultons has gone on to receive the accolade of “Number 1 Amusement Park” in the UK TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards every year since 2016.

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I would absolutely recommend VisiSoft for a business that has as many touch points in its EPOS system as us, to give the controls, speed of service and quality of experience to customers

Steven Lorton, Commercial Director, Peppa Pig World

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