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VisiTickets – The Online Ticketing Solution That’s Taking The Visitor Attraction Industry By Storm

As you may already know VisiTickets was officially launched in 2021 and added online ticketing to the already comprehensive integrated EPOS solution that VisiSoft offered. The online ticketing solution has been live in sites across the UK for over 6 months and the demand is growing.

Since it’s incredibly successful launch at The Tank Museum in Dorset, VisiTickets has been implemented across different types of attractions in the UK, including museums, country parks and zoos and family adventure attractions. This amazing rollout and success has lead to over £2.5 million worth of sales through the VisiTickets platform. 67% of those sales have been via the web and 33% via tills on site at the attraction.

But it doesn’t stop there, our amazing in house development team are always looking to continue improving what we offer and expanding functionality of the VisiTickets platform.

Below shows some key highlights to development over the coming weeks…

  • Data Capture – This month sees the addition of a data capture field to allow visitor attractions to capture customer specific information. This free text box or pre-defined drop down lists can be directly configured against ticket items to capture information during the checkout process. The data that is captured during this process will be available for reporting purposes and can be displayed through our VisiSoft dashboards.
  • Footfall Reports (Including/Excluding Items) – A further functionality update will give greater flexibility in footfall reporting by configuring if a ticket is to be included or excluded in footfall reports. This can be used for “in attraction” events that should be excluded from a day’s footfall as the visitor is already counted in their standard admission.
  • Friendly Payment Errors – We’ve also added a feature for when a customer’s payment methord is rejected, this will now display an improved error message providing more information on why that payment was rejected.
  • Increased opitmisation for page load speeds on events pages.
  • Cancelled order confirmation messages that allow reference to line items rather than the order.

If you’re thinking about changing your ticketing system then please feel free to take a look at the attached blog that explains why we chose to build your own ticketing system or check out The Tank Museum case study or Drusillas Park case study to see how they have successfully implemented VisiTickets.

Read Our Blog    Read Tank Museum Case Study     Read Drusillas Park Case Study

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