Why We Built An Online Ticketing Solution For Visitor Attractions

As you might have noticed we have launched our dedicated online ticketing solution for visitor attractions, dubbed VisiTickets.

VisiTickets was launched to provide a cost effect and easy to use ticketing system for every type of visitor attraction. Built with capacity management at the forefront, our online ticketing solution allows your attraction to manage capacity, online ticket sales and memberships through a simple interface.

You don’t want customers getting confused on how to navigate your site and abandon baskets because there isn’t a payment gateway they prefer using avaliable. We’ve listened to our customers and built a solution that doesn’t charge you commission on tickets sold, rather a flat fee based on annual footfall. To find out more about our online ticketing system visit our dedicated page here.

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If you’re just at the start of your online ticketing journey, maybe you’re considering changing suppliers or want to set up online ticketing for the first time? We’ve popped together some questions and answers that might help! We always say its best to give us a call, so if you have a burning question, or just want to see VisiTickets in action, fill in the contact form at the top of this page to get started.

What are the benefits of buying tickets online?

There are benefits for both your visitor attraction and your visitors when changing to an online ticketing solution. Meaning you can more easily plan for the day or event you are selling tickets for i.e. staff levels to make sure all kiosks and outlets have the right amount of staff to serve all customers quickly and easily. The benefits of online ticketing for your visitors means they can not only plan ahead but get the most out of their experience. If your park knows exactly how many visitor to expect or at least has a rough idea, you can plan the bottle necks of the park better, meaning customers have a nicer day out, whether that’s more volunteers available to provide guided tours or increased staff in busy food outlets over the lunchtime rush. We’ve actually recorded a whole vlog that answers this question in more detail! You can check it out here: Vlog – Understanding The Customer Journey From Online To Onsite With VisiTickets

What are the benefits of using an online ticketing system?

There are lots of advantages to using an online ticketing system for your visitor attraction no matter what industry you’re in. whether you are a museum selling ticket for exhibitions or a theme park selling online tickets to manage daily capacity, online ticketing can pretty much work for every visitor attraction. Using online ticketing that is linked to your EPOS system allows you to work with a full connected visitor attraction management solution, meaning you can report on visitor numbers, visitor behaviour and plan ahead based on historical visitor activity. Online ticketing systems can be updated by the visitor to update their membership details and track/plan their visits. Encouraging your visitors to purchase tickets through your visitor attraction’s online ticketing solution means you can also plan stock and staff levels needed for each day or event. Sold less tickets on a quieter day? No problem, your online ticketing solution can remind you that less that half your capacity has sold encouraging you to run events or promotions to increase footfall.

Can you build customer loyalty and improve visitor management with online ticketing and memberships management?

In short, the answer is yes. Providing your visitor with a place they can manage their membership information and plan visitors helps to increase their involvement with your attraction. Allowing your members, the opportunity to plan their trip by logging into your site and choosing their date/time details means that’s 1 more ticket (or a few more people) you can plan for on that day. Plus, VisiTickets helps to keep the phone lines quieter because if a member changes their mind, they can log in and simply alter the date/time of their visit. When you connect your EPOS and Ticketing solutions together like VisiSoft allows you can manage and report on member behaviours. Track those members day out from their buying habits online, to what restaurants or food outlets they are most likely to eat at. Think about what offers or events your marketing team could send to visitors who never come to one off events like Halloween or Christmas because they are an additional cost. Online ticketing adds another layer of information about your visitor and their habits, meaning you can delve deeper into their data and look for opportunities to increase engagement.

Online ticketing systems for visitor attractions allow you to plan your stock, staff and park ready for your visitor and allows visitors a great day out as your park will be properly staffed and ready/waiting for them. By improving visitor experience you can make an impact with higher returning visitors, better reviews or Trip Advisor ratings and you can encourage day visitor to convert their tickets into membership at the end of a great day out! To find out more about VisiTickets and how VisiSoft can help your visitor attraction with EPOS and Ticketing, speak to one of our team – you can get started by filling out the form at the top of this page or have a browse around our site to find out more!

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