Vlog – Understanding The Customer Journey From Online To Onsite With VisiTickets

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In this video George Smith (Managing Director) & Lee Drew (MD, Jugo Systems) discuss what the customer journey should look like for online ticketing. From user’s experience buying online tickets through your website, to how that impacts the visitors experience on the day and the significant business benefits of having a connected EPOS & ticketing solution.

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The video blog discusses how visitor attractions can make the most of pre-booked tickets. Topics discussed include:

  • What does online ticketing journey look like? What do visitors want to see?
  • How to connect online and onsite with branding and customer service.
  • First impressions count, both online and onsite so you need to get it right, here’s how!
  • What positive impacts does online ticketing mean for a visitor’s day out?
  • What are the visitor attraction business benefits of having all your online ticketing data avaliable to view in a simple solution.
  • How to change or impact customer/visitor behaviour with a connected online ticketing and EPOS solution.

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