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Learn More About How VisiSoft Works With Our Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of questions that are generally asked during our pre-sales process. These questions cover a range of topics such as how our accounts integration works, online ticketing functionality, what support we have available, what you can expect when working with us and an overview of reporting. These only cover some of our most popular questions so if you have a burning question about VisiSoft you’d like an answer to, send us an enquiry and we’ll sort arrange a call with one of our EPOS experts.


What are your lead times?

We can usually start the first planning meeting 4-6 weeks from receipt of order, though in the busier Winter season this could extend a little longer. The best way to find out an accurate timescale is to ask our team during your demonstration or discussions.

Where are you based?

We are 100% UK based, that includes our development, sales and support team.
We cover all the UK and beyond from our offices in Scunthorpe, Hull, Peterborough, Southampton and Newcastle, with customers from Cornwall up to Aberdeen – all our support team are UK based with a direct-line straight through to them.

Can we pay monthly?

Yes, we provide an option for monthly payments over 3 years. This can include all the solution and services quoted to help with your monthly budgeting. To find out more please speak to one of the team about how spreading the cost could work for your attraction.

How do we backup the software?

VisiSoft includes a cloud backup of your online and on-site data, we would also work with your IT partner to ensure your current backup procedures cover the necessary databases and settings.

What hardware do I need to run your software?

We provide the tills based on the latest Microsoft operating systems, and for your back office accounts and stock as Microsoft Gold partners we can provide guidance and review of any existing hardware’s suitability and provide PC’s or servers for larger implementations.

Accounts Software:

What accounts packages do you link to?

Ready to implement integrations include Sage 50Cloud Accounts Professional , Sage 200 Professional, Advanced Exchequer, Pegasus Opera, Access Dimensions, Greentree, Xero and Microsoft Business Central 365.

How do I check what version of Sage I have?

Login to Sage and look in the menu at HELP and ABOUT, it will tell you there, we link to Sage 50 Cloud Professional.

We’ve got Sage 50 Cloud Professional but haven’t got stock setup up, can you help?

Yes as Sage Partners we have team that can assist with Sage training and implementation of new features.

How do you integrate your EPOS to accounts?

Our integrations work through a polling method, this gives control and visibility of data moving between VisiSoft and your finance system whilst at the same time automating the whole process.

Our polling delivers a two-way synchronisation, it is not just about getting your sales data into the accounts, your finance system holds a lot of valuable information that VisiSoft will use to function, saving huge amounts of time, energy, and risk from maintaining data in two systems. The polling can be configured to run at a frequency that meets your needs, discussed during the project configuration.

What type of data will integrate?

We can cover the intricacies of the integration particular to your finance system as part of the pre-sales process, but some of the most widely used synchronisations include:

  • Sales – Post sales recorded at the till through to your finance system, at a consolidated level (per day, per till) or at an individual sale and invoice level as either an order or invoice.
  • Stock – VisiSoft will firstly read your stock information held in the finance system such as descriptions, quantities, and locations to allow you to sell products from the till. When sold, the integration will then update stock levels by reducing stock in the finance system to make sure your quantities are always correct.
  • Customers – Customer account information can be accessed through the till from your finance system. This is commonly used for accessing credit limits, customer history and specific price lists. Any sales made on account will also be updated on the customer’s account in the finance system.
  • Pricing – Many of the finance systems we work with have a number of options around pricing, such as product pricing, banded pricing, and customer specific pricing. Any pricing configuration you have like this in the finance system will automatically be honoured at the till with no manual intervention.


Do you provide out of hours support?

Emergency weekend support will be available 10am – 4pm through e-mail and phone, this option can be discussed with your account manager.

What is your SLA?

Our Service Level Agreement or SLA is 1 hour response time and 8-hour fix time.
At VisiSoft we have average response times of less than 30 minutes and fix times of under 2 1/2 hours – well below industry standards and a level of performance which leads to a 99.7% satisfaction scores from our customers. We also provide emergency support contracts that covers weekends as we know that weekends can be your busiest times.

What support is available?

We provide both standard support from our helpdesk Monday – Friday 9am-5pm and we also offer weekend support contacts to help provide peace of mind during your busiest periods. You can access our support team by calling 01733 297105, emailing kcsupport@thehbpgroup.co.uk or heading to our customer portal to log your ticket.

Linking & Integrations:

Can I integrate VisiSoft to my website?

Yes, we can also link your stock database to your e-commerce site to manage your online sales, this works by uploading pricing and stock, then downloading orders into your accounts software. All of these sales can be instantly reported on and live data is available to your team 24/7.

Can you link into our chip and pin devices?

We work with a number of providers so we can review which you have or also put you in touch and provide an integrated solution from Opayo, Adyen or Verifone.

I have my own ticketing solution; can this be integrated with VisiSoft EPOS?

We can provide integrations to external ticketing providers. If you don’t already know, we also provide a very competitive online ticketing solution used by major attractions including Drusilla’s Park and The Tank Museum, you can find out more about our ticketing solution here: VisiTickets.


What reporting do you have in the software?

We know every attraction has different KPIs and targets, that why we offer both a set of standard reports and the option for completely customisable reports. These bespoke reports allows you to define exactly what information your management team want to see. Plus, with the use of our dashboards, your team can log in to see real time data and information, anytime from anywhere using an internet connected device.

Can you integrate with Power BI for reporting?

Yes, this is a reporting option that many of our customers choose to use. Your dedicated account manager will be able to discuss this additional reporting during your requirements meeting.

Can I report on everything in one place?

Yes, our dashboard reporting is a central hub of all reporting data across retail, catering, admissions, and online ticket sales.

Stock Control:

Do you provide a stock control solution?

Yes, part of VisiSoft includes a stock control solution that directly integrates into your EPOS software. You can manage stock across multiple retail outlets across your park or attraction.

How will we setup stock, we have thousands of items in our old system?

So long as you can export to Excel we can provide assistance in the setup and import, though you will need to tidy up the products, pricing and supplier information before import.


Is your ticketing cloud based?

Yes, ticketing is hosted in our own Tier 2 data centre, managed by our in-house IT team. Hosting is included with all VisiSoft subscriptions.

Can you sell tickets online and onsite?

Yes, all tickets for general admissions, memberships and event can be sold either only online or a combination of online and onsite.

How much do you charge per ticket?

VisiTickets does not charge you per ticket sold, instead we charge you an annual fee based on your average footfall. All of our pricing is simple and uncomplicated, if you would like to find out more about our fees please get in touch.

Can I change the look and feel of the site?

Yes, you have control over colours, fonts, images and text within the admin portal without the need for bespoke development.

Which payment gateways do you work with?

Currently we use Opayo for card payments through the ticketing site which can link to all major acquirers. You can also accept payments via Paypal.

Do you work with Paypal?

Yes, you can optionally take payments via Paypal.

Ticketing (Events):

Can you set up a recurring event?

Yes recurring event can be set up in the admin area in a matter of minutes, tickets for these events can be sold both online and onsite.

Can we control the number of people in each event we sell online?

Yes you can set the capacity of tickets available when creating your event in VisiTickets.

Can we charge different prices throughout the year?

Yes, with date specific pricing on an event you have full control over each ticket price linked to the event which will update automatically during the buying journey.

Can customers change their booking slots?

Yes, this can be done in a few seconds from within their online account. You can also control how long before the event starting they are able to make changes.

Ticketing (Memberships):

Can I sell memberships and annual passes online?

Yes, memberships can be purchased and redeemed online in one transaction. When adding a membership to their basket the user will then also be able to book their first visit at the same time.

Can we set membership discounts?

Yes, each membership can be linked to a different discount structure for on-site spend e.g. a 15% discount in catering and a 5% discount in retail.

What about membership cards?

These can be set as optional or mandatory per membership type, allow you to assign cards to memberships when they first arrive or sold on-site.

Can we capture member photos?

Yes, a webcam attached to any till can capture a members photo and assign it to their membership for validation.

What data can we capture?

You can decide what information you wish to capture about your members and set each field to be mandatory, optional or not required.

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