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From bars and cafes to restaurants and fast food kiosks, the options are wide ranging and so are the different demands on your EPOS solution. Keep customers happy with fast, quality service.

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There is so much that makes VisiPOS such a great fit for attractions.

Find Out How VisiSoft Can Work In Your Catering And Hospitality Outlets.

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VisiSoft Is The EPOS and Hospitality Platform Complete
With Self Service and Catering Management

We understand that a bar serving drinks and snacks needs to work very differently to a seated restaurant with 200 covers. VisiSoft adapts to the different styles of food & beverage on offer in your attraction. The options are endless from kitchen printing and Logwood screens to self-service kiosks and table ordering. VisiSoft can be set up just how you need it, ready to make serving customers as quick and effectively as possible.

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VisiSoft Hospitality and Catering

Whether its updating till menus, updating and adding seasonal staff as users or managing your EPOS system, watch our demo videos to see how VisiSoft helps you empower your team and process updates with ease and efficiency.

For any catering venture to be a success we all know that the front of house needs to work as one with the kitchen. Communication is key and VisiSoft provides that link. Orders taken are sent straight to the relevant area of the kitchen, the front of house team are notified as soon as a dish is out of stock, the chef knows exactly when a table has finished their starter – VisiSoft is the missing ingredient in your catering team!

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Front Of House Management

Give your team the tools to serve visitors and deliver on customer service. Watch our Demo video.

  • Take orders on a till or tablet, at the counter or tablet – you decide.
  • All meal-deals, stock levels, daily specials updated live across all your tills.
  • Simple to use bar tabs and split billing to keep customer service quick.
  • Full table management to plan your covers and keep the courses coming.
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Kitchen Management For Speed Of Service

Success in hospitality starts with sound kitchen management and planning – VisiSoft makes it easy.

  • Kitchen printing or Logwood screens to send orders to the right kitchen station at the right time.
  • Full allergen and ingredient traceability for visitors.
  • Receive notifications as diners progress through each course.
  • Accept special instructions and extras from “Medium-Rare” to “Extra Cheese”.
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Introducing Self Service Kiosks

Embrace the next generation hospitality to your attraction with VisiSoft’s self service kiosks.

  • Minimise queues, boost efficiency and give customers the choice they crave.
  • Promote upgrades and extras with smart self service menus.
  • Menu designs customised to your branding.
  • A choice of self-service terminals to meet your needs and suit your attraction.
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Take Back Control Of Your Stock

With fast moving and perishable products it’s important to get your stock control right.

  • Use historical analysis and seasonal trends to suggest weekly order levels.
  • Set up minimum stock levels to alert management.
  • Update stock levels in real time as food is sold, as part of a meal deal or a product itself.
  • Regularly record and manage wastage during stock takes.

A VisiSoft Success StoryPeppa Pig World

In operation since 1983, Paultons Park in rural Hampshire has grown significantly from a modest country park and bird garden, to a national household name with 1.1 million visitors in 2019. Home of the official Peppa Pig World since 2011, Paultons has gone on to receive the accolade of “Number 1 Amusement Park” in the UK TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards every year since 2016.

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I would absolutely recommend VisiSoft for a business that has as many touch points in its EPOS system as us, to give the controls, speed of service and quality of experience to customers

Steven Lorton, Commercial Director, Peppa Pig World

Other Major UK Visitor Attractions Rely On VisiSoft To Cut Queues & Provide Better Customer Service

We are the EPOS & Ticketing partner of choice for many visitor attractions across the UK. With reliable tills and intelligent reporting, no longer be held back by your EPOS system and gain the insight your attraction needs to grow.

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We Come Highly Recommended!

VisiSoft is the UK’s premier EPOS & Ticketing platform for visitor attractions, so much so, that we currently have a 99% customer satisfaction rating and 98% customer retention.

Our Support Is Second-To-None.

We offer a very simple service level agreement, which guarantees a response in 1 hour and we aim to fix any issues within 8 hours. Don’t worry though, any mission-critical issues are escalated and prioritised, as we know how important your till systems are to the running of your attraction.

We have the right solution for your attraction.

We’re so confident with our solution, that we’d welcome you to go and talk with some of or wonderful customers. We’ve got live sites all over the UK in all different sub industries within visitor attractions – and none of them are the same. What makes us unique is being able to fit our solution around your business.

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Attraction Benefits

VisiSoft is the premium EPOS platform for visitor attractions in the UK.

Visitor Benefits

Give your customers the best experience possible! Let them leave happy and keep them coming back for more.

Attraction Benefits

VisiSoft is the premium EPOS platform for visitor attractions in the UK.

reporting solution

Help your team deliver amazing customer service supported by the system and info they need

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Serve customers quickly, accurately and effectively from a kitchen that knows what’s needed

visitor attraction epos

Minimise food waste but don’t run out and disappoint customers with smart reorder suggestions

visitor attraction epos

Simplified management with one system across the attraction, modified to each outlets needs

Visitor Benefits

Give your customers the best experience possible! Let them leave happy and keep them coming back for more.

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Order your food how you want – at the table, counter or self-service kiosk

attraction ticketing software

See all of the choices, meal deals and upgrades in one place, at your own pace, with self-service

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Rest assured your favourite choice on the menu is in stock and ready to serve

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Don’t waste your day waiting to be served with easy and fast service options

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VisiSoft is the premium EPOS & Hospitality platform for visitor attractions in the UK.

Link all your EPOS, ticketing, stock and business management tools together to get true visibility of your performance. Make more educated decisions faster, capitalise on opportunities through trend analysis, forecast demand and be overall more agile to act on those all-important decisions.

VisiSoft helps your attraction grow.

It’s designed specifically to support your growth, and grow with you: add EPOS tills, self-service kiosks, stock management, online ticketing, websites and more as you require them. Add new sites as your empire grows, connect digital marketing and loyalty schemes and get the performance data that you need – when you need it.

VisiSoft is the only EPOS and attraction management platform that you need.
Having been created by a leading developer in integrated EPOS for over 30 years, VisiSoft represents a very robust and tried and tested solution.

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