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Scoped Implementation Service

We’re here to reduce the stress along every step of the journey and guide you through a fully scoped process in a timeframe that suits you. Moving to a new ticketing partner can seem like a daunting task, with lots of membership data to organise and migrate, integrations into your finance package to set up and the configuration of your ticket types, events and upsells.

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What Is VisiScope?

VisiScope allows you to get your new VisiSoft solution live in a timeframe that suits your attraction.

This is perfect for anyone updating their EPOS and Ticketing solution as part of a wider plan such as a digital transformation project across their attraction and allows additional time when third parties are involved to ensure smooth deployment.

We will use the early stages post sign off to gather all of the relevant information about your attraction’s requirements and fully scope the implementation process. Following key stakeholder discussions around your existing processes and ways in which improvements can be made with your new solution, we will create an implementation plan unique to your attraction.


This plan will take you from day one to post go-live, so you know what is happening on your project throughout that time. Along this timeline there will be some tasks that we will complete or prepare for you and some tasks your team will need to be involved with. Across the entire implementation we’ll need you to commit a portion of your time to assist in data reviews, stock imports, user acceptance testing (UAT) and user training.


Why Should You Choose VisiScope?

We are big believers that the way in which new software is introduced to an attraction is as key to its success as the software itself. So many software projects fail because it wasn’t properly planned, scoped, implemented and managed. VisiSoft has the potential to transform so many areas of your organisation, but we need to make sure it’s introduced in the right way through a fully managed a scoped process.

We’ve been implementing our systems into tourist attractions for decades and we are confident we have an implementation plan that will give you the peace of mind the project will be a success. VisiScope involves a time commitment from both parties to ensure that the solution your implementing works how you require and ensures a smooth transition and go-live process. VisiScope is perfect for multi-step projects that may require input from third parties, attractions that have smaller teams with limited resource time to dedicate to the project or form part of a bigger digital transformation vision for the development of your attraction.

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How Does VisiScope Work?

To ensure that the implementation works for your specific requirements we will spend some time at the beginning of the project scoping out every step of the process. This will include discussions with key stakeholders from your side, our side, and any third parties, to agree a timeline suitable for everyone involved. The project timeline can be adapted to suit any events you want us to avoid, any projects you have running alongside this one or the time commitment that will be needed by the individuals on your side to make this a success. Our project management involves four key phases to ensure the project stays on track and we deliver in line with your expectations:

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Initiation Stage

This can start pretty much as soon as we get the thumbs up from our operations team. At this stage a project manager is assigned to your project and we’ll hold both internal meetings to bring our projects team up to date with your plans and contact any third parties that will impact the project. We’ll also go through our IT prerequisites with you.

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Planning Stage

The planning stage is important as it allows us to completely scope out all the key deliverables in the projects and set clear responsibilities, timeframes and milestones as required. This is the chance to map out your vision and ensure every aspect of the implementation works for everyone involved, including third parties.

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Execution Stage

We’ll have clear execution stages mapped out with their relevant stakeholders and timelines. The particulars in this stage can be completely bespoke dependant on the project. Once the foundations are built we will need your team to get involved in the Data Imports, UAT testing, system training and then finally go live.

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Closing Stage

Our post go-live review is the perfect time to feedback on any final tweeks or questions you or the team have after using the system in the real world for a few days. We will also arrange a handover where you will meet someone from the support leadership team and they will talk you through how our support works.

A VisiSoft Success StoryDrusillas Park Zoo

Drusillas Park required a ticketing solution that could work for them, providing a seamless customer journey and easy management for their staff.
VisiSoft helped Drusillas Park expand on their existing VisiSoft EPOS solution and add an integrated online ticketing system to help manage online membership sales and improve visitor experience.

View The Full Case Study

We’ve seen a massive 20% uplift in online membership sales since launching with VisiSoft.

Ollie Smith, Managing Director


Project Timeline Example

This implementation guide holds each stakeholder, on both our side of the project and yours (plus any third parties), accountable for the success of the project and helps minimise delays. Your project manager will be available to speak to throughout the entire process and will be happy to answer any questions you might have along the way. Obviously every VisiScope project we work on is going to have certain variables unique to the attraction we’re working with, but to give you an idea what it might look like for your attraction we’ve outlined an example 12-14 week tailored project plan below.

Week 1 Internal Visi Meeting

At this point we will hold an internal meeting to plan your project, create your project scope documents and handover all information to the operations team. This work happens before you need to get involved. There’s no time commitment needed from your side, in fact we just ask that you ensure you have all IT prerequisites in place so we don’t face any delays in getting started.

Week 2 – 3 Kick Off Meetings

At this point we’ll come and visit you to discuss the project plan. We’ll invite all key stakeholders (including third parties) in the project to attend these meetings, along with some questionnaires to make sure we gather all the critical information needed for the build phase.

Week 3 – 4 Planning Time

Following the planning day it’s time to get to work! There’ll be plenty of initial configuration and installation for us to do in the background and we will use all the information gathered on the scoping day to start building the foundations of your system.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the implementation be quicker than 12-16 weeks? ↓

Yes the implementation time will be completely dependent on your individual project. If you’re looking for a quicker implementation we offer a VisiStart implementation that gets you live in 6 weeks or less.

What factors would delay the project? ↓

A full project timeline will be set out at the beginning of the project with all of the key dates highlighted and confirmed by both parties, however there may be external factors that impact this like third parties or annual leave. To try and avoid any delays we encourage you to check any key milestones with stakeholders at the project timeline sign off stage and we’ll do the same our end.

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I’m not sure about timescales at the moment, how does this effect implementation? ↓

If you have a bigger site or a larger project that will need further time dedicated to the project and implementation plan then we’ll work with you to scope the entire project and give you an idea of how our solution can work alongside your other projects.

Who is VisiScope a good fit for? ↓

Any attraction that is looking to get their new software in place on their own timescales. This might be dictated by additional projects you’re working on, staff resource to dedicate to the project or a reliance on third party.

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